Severe swelling of the legs that this

Good afternoon! 3 days ago, in the morning the right leg began to ache strongly. By noon the leg began to swell. 3 days the pain does not pass or take place, the edema has gone above on a leg or foot. Swelling only from the back side. There were no blows, no bruises. Today I went to the doctor, said "arthrosis, arthritis or internal vein disease," blood tests, urine and a picture were prescribed. Joints do not bother, it's weird to hear these diagnoses, because the symptoms of the data
diseases with mine are not similar. At me as though the hypodermic layer hurts and puffiness hurts, hurts in rest, at walking, at a touch pricking pain. Tell me, please, what can it be?

Hello. It really can be arthrosis, arthritis or a disease of internal veins called thrombosis. But besides this, it can be some nonspecific inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue, thrombophlebitis of the subcutaneous veins (they are external) or something else, and even a purulent inflammation at the initial stage. I did not see a leg, it's difficult for me to say. Saves the fact that most of these diseases can be treated at home with ointment called Diclofenac (Voltren) or Ketorol cream, 2 times a day locally. And then in the course of the matter to understand what kind of a disease it is, to take tests, pictures, etc. By the way, about thrombosis of the deep veins, you need to make an ultrasound of the veins, and - quickly; I do not understand if the doctors suspect this, why they reacted so calmly to this. If the thrombosis is really similar, you also need to add a heparin ointment as a minimum. In general, I advise you once again to go to the surgeon in the coming days, perhaps - to another, to remove all doubts.

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Hello, I pinched my navel for about 2 weeksback. Prokalola, immediately put on your gold earring. It hurt and festered. Now I do not know what to do about it, because the hole stretched itself to such an extent that the upper ball darts stupidly into it, in short - the hole in the skin. How to treat this.

Today my friends and I played knives. Childhood in one place for playing, I confess. The knife with which I cut my hand is unknown to me, because I found it in a rented apartment. Very much I ask to give the most detailed answer. What to do? What is the probability of a gunshot? What can I get?

Good evening!After an unsuccessful injection, the buttock was inflamed. The doctor prescribed physiotherapy. After two sessions, the place of inflammation blushed even more and seems to increase slightly, but there is no strong pain, it is painfully painful when you apply pressure. The lymphonodus in a pahu has inflamed. There are no temperatures. Whether further to physiotherapy or it is already time to the surgeon?

About 2 weeks ago a painful pimple appeared betweenbuttocks, it looked like it was a common cold, it hurt to sit. Then he seemed to burst, and there were a number of small pimples. I have very much combed everything that the blood has gone from the pimples and now a week there are pimples with open wounds but without pus and are scaly, itchy, sometimes badly.

Hello!2 years ago there was a small bump in the bottom of the abdomen, approximately at the level of the appendix, apparently not visible, but you can grope (something like an inflamed lymph node). After a while another formed, almost symmetrical, the first. At times they can disappear. But then they reappear. as such, there are no pains, there is discomfort in physical exercises. half a year before the formation of tumors, there was a serious accident and a severe bruise of the abdominal region. In mrt, nothing revealed. It could.

Two years ago my husband formed a lump on the leftthe lateral surface of the neck, did not hurt and did not grow and in the last month four increased by one third, the surgeon said atheroma prescribed ultrasound, the result of ultrasound: a volume formation of 32 * 18 * 25 mm with black, smooth contours and active blood flow at CD, according to the ehostruktura appropriate Inkam promised a bathroom lipoma? The surgeon refused to do the operation without the oncologist's conclusion! Is it cancer?

tell me whether the operations with such a conclusionmr Conclusion: Osteochondrosis of the lumbar and thoracic department of the pozvonchnika 3 tbsp. Spondylarthrosis. Potalogical multiple compression fractures of thoracic and lumbar pozvankov. A comminuted fracture of Th8 with a dural conflict of 2 tbsp. and if they do, then does the hospital have the right to refuse surgery

Ingrown mazol on the big toe. What are they doing? Do they give a sick leave sheet?

Hello, 2 months ago to me have performed operationto remove appendicitis, the seams have long since been removed. and it seems that everything has long healed, but sometimes it hurts something inside, under the seam, especially after eating. Sometimes even sick. What to do? Sincerely.

Hello, I'm Alexandra for 25 years.Since last night, the pain is aching stupid, it tingles, then burning, But the stomach is soft, with the pressure of the hand, fingers when you let go of a sharp pain or what is not, Since last night the pain is aching stupid, it tingles, then burning, But the stomach is soft, with the pressure of the arm, but the chair is normal, this pain is already with me as of year 1.5, at times.3-4 months ago it hurt exactly the same way, then the surgeon did not confirm appendicitis, although he said that the urine test was not very good. Then I did.

Good afternoon. A year ago, the spouse was given a cystic surgery to remove the peripheral formation of the lower lobe of the right lung. Why "pulls" the seam is not permanent, but often. Thank you for the answer.

Hello! Cropping in the spring at the country house of roses, thorn pierced the nail. A black dot formed at the puncture site, it increased. He began to move away from the body of the nail. Now the nail near the body is only 4 mm from the cuticle. The nail itself is growing, but very slowly and sometimes it hurts. Tell me, please, what should I do to make it grow?

My stomach hurts, right side, I drank a cola in an empty stomach in the morning, and then a day later the energy industry contains an alcogol of 7% and a day later I got up and my stomach aches.

The postoperative suture disappeared,deepening. I treat it for a long time with hydrogen peroxide and levomycol, but until the seam is tightened. She turned to her surgeon, he said, in order to better handle peroxide, directly poured heavily into the wound, and the district surgeon said that in no case can peroxide be curled in the wound, only on top to process. So how is it better to process? Does hydrogen peroxide damage the deep tissues or also continue to pour it into the wound until it is completely healed?

Hello! At me such problem, approximately two months ago after intensive training in an exercise room has noticed in itself an increase (consolidation) in the field of a xiphoid process, has addressed in clinic, to the surgeon, the ultrasound has been spent and the diagnosis about several tearings of muscles in this area, in due course swelling and soreness has gone, but in itself the compaction remains, it is painless on palpation and feels like a muscle or cartilage, looks like the upper muscle of the press is enlarged.