Swelling of the leg in the ascent

Renal edema hypoproteinemic - symmetric, occur primarily in the morning, where there are "loose" tissues. In particular, under the eyes, pass during the day.
persistent common edema is possible in later stages, but even then they have characteristic features.
If you are a doctor, you should know this - this is the 3rd course, propaedeutics.
If you are not a doctor, you better abstain from advice.

are you telling me about the tips?
Firstly, although I am not a doctor, but in the council to check an important organ there is nothing criminal, I do not "recommend" taking any medications, but only to consult a doctor.
Secondly, as a child, I had very severe kidney bleeding (glomerulonephritis), so "blowing on water" is accustomed.
I apologize for what I wanted as best, obviously, it's punishable.

You see, what's the matter: swelling / swelling "also occur" and with heart disease, and with liver, thyroid, peripheral nerves, veins, hematopoietic system, lymph nodes, joints, allergic diseases, malignant tumors.

In the council "to check an important organ", then it is not good,that any verification takes time and costs money: while one important organ is being checked, another important organ can get drunk. Otherwise, doctors would be very simple: the patient comes with any complaints, send him to the general testing of the whole body - and a year later he is ready to make a diagnosis.

I can not disagree with your arguments, everything is correct)))
But let me counter note: nevertheless in this case it is necessary to consult a doctor directly, and not to seek an answer in LJ))) Even on the phone even a good veterinarian even does not diagnose)))