Bruised foot swelling treatment

A foot injury is one of the most common injuries of a personbecause the weight of the body weighs on them. In this article, you will learn how to treat a foot injury, what to do if a bone injury has occurred, there is a tumor or a lump on the leg, if there is a severe bruise or a child and much more on this topic.

Contusions surround us everywhere and everywhere. No one is immune from various injuries, especially when it comes to injuries to the hand or foot. Such a nuisance as a bruised leg occurs quite often, since this part of the body is carried by most of the robots throughout the working day. Very often, this trauma involves damage not to the entire leg, but to its individual parts. The main targets: knee joint, shin, thigh and toe. In each case there will be individual symptoms and methods for their elimination. In the process of many years of practice, a lot of pictures were taken, so the bruise of the foot of the photo can be seen on many medical sites.

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As a rule, the patient complains of severe pain inarea of ​​trauma, which is typical for all bruises. It can be a collision with any object (for example, hit a car), drop and many other reasons. In this situation, there is a bruise of the soft tissues of the foot, which leads to swelling and local discoloration, since hemorrhage into soft tissues often occurs. You can read about hip dislocation .

This foot injury symptoms have the most pronounced,and, of course, is the most common trauma not only among the adult population, but also among children. Do not underestimate this incident, because in the future, various complications may progress. In this situation, it is not uncommon to have a tumor on the foot after a bruise. This occurs as a result of the accumulation of blood (hemarthrosis) in the joint cavity, and if you do not take any measures - there may be a variety of complications.

Most patients panic: bruised legs what to do. This is not recommended, because in the absence of complications, the trauma is practically without a trace. Naturally, when the ligaments are severely damaged, or a bone injury is added to the leg, the treatment can be prolonged for a long time. First aid for a foot injury in the knee joint needs immediate execution. Read more about knee injury .

This trauma is most common in summerThe period when people wear open shoes and engage in active sports. Patients mistakenly believe this incident is less dangerous than a knee or head injury. The thing is that the soft tissue is damaged, sometimes with tendons, which are very numerous here. When the pain in the finger passes - it does not mean that everything is over and you can enjoy life. That is why, such a foot injury treatment involves a lot of activities aimed at the most rapid recovery.
First aid with a foot injury in the area of ​​the fingerlies in its massaging, with the help of cold. If the injury has led to deformation of the nail - it is fixed with a disinfectant adhesive plaster. In such patients, the doctor recommends rest and a good rest. When a child's foot contusion occurs, he needs to explain the importance of a good rest, and it is better to follow him constantly, because the younger generation has increased motor activity. Read more about toe injury .

As a rule, this is a pretty strong leg injury,accompanied by unbearable pain. This is due to the abundant innervation of the periosteum of the tibia, which is located under the skin over the front surface of the tibia. Patients have a common question: how to treat a foot injury in the shin area. This is not surprising, since the pain is very severe, especially if the injury is accompanied by a subperiosteal hematoma. The axial load is not accompanied by a pain syndrome, so you can easily exclude a fracture, and this is very important in the successful and proper organization of treatment. Read more about bruise .

P.s. It's also worth reading about bruise of the heel and bruise of foot . This is though a small, but still a part of the leg.

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