Edema of the brain of the newborn

Hello. Help, please, advice or advice, where and to what specialists to apply. My niece was born on 05.07.2011, weight 2950, ​​height 51 cm, 40th week of pregnancy. There were green waters, after birth itself did not breathe, immediately on the ventilator. According to Apgar 3/5. According to the results of ultrasound, brain tissue due to hypoxia, according to the results of the X-ray, one lung does not work. A week later they withdrew from the ventilation, and she began to breathe. But there were cramps. We took a puncture of the spinal cord, according to its results, infections are excluded. We were transferred from the intensive care unit to the department of prematurity and pathology of newborns with the diagnosis "Perinatal CNS damage of the third degree, cerebral edema. Aspiration pneumonia. Hypotrophy. "To date, 21.07.2011, there is no edema, according to the results of repeated ultrasound, hemorrhages under it are not detected. The repeated X-ray of lung-works, breathes itself by two. Seizures remain, to varying degrees, with drugs completely not stop. Feed through the probe, she does not suck. The pupils do not respond to light.
What are the predictions for health and development?child? How real is the diagnosis of cerebral palsy or something like that? Where and to what specialists can I apply, what can I do at this stage to return the child to a normal life?
I really hope for help and an answer.