Severe swelling of the left leg

Hello!Help please understand what kind of disease is this? My sister is 25 let.Pimerno in August, she began to swell left caviar, but swelling was not big. Then there was pain, turned to the doctor (surgeon), he gave direction to the hospital. hospital lain for 2 weeks, diagnosed with varicose veins, discharged without improvement. In the hospital, drippers were placed to dilute the blood, and antibiotics were pricked. At the moment, the leg became thicker (compared with the right foot twice), to the touch as a solid apple, visible blue (as a bruise oblong) in the field of sensation ь above the calf, there are pains.Noga is practically poorly walks.Who can I contact, because I did not hear that we had such doctors (phlebologist, lymphologist) Thank you in advance.
P.S can not the full leg work of the right kidney affect the swelling of the left leg?