Edema on the left leg

Zdrastvujte! I'm worried about the massive swelling on my left leg. He has not subsided for 3 years, the swelling is very noticeable in the ankle, but behind the knee and in the groin, in principle, the swelling is already on the entire leg, there is no edema on the right leg. and yet there are no pains. earlier the edema subsided, and in the last year already constantly keeps. By appointment, the doctor took DETRAX, and a gel for external use LEOTON. But I do not notice any changes, the edema also keeps. Doctors say LIMFOSTAS have appointed: Massage, Mud Treatment, Detrax, a low-fat diet, elevated leg position, stocking to wear elastic. please tell me if they have correctly diagnosed or it may be, what else? The treatment that was prescribed, whether I should do it all. Thank you in advance !!