Painful swelling of the legs

VB31 Feng-shi on the median line of the outerthe hip surface, 7 tsunami above the popliteal fold. In the standing position with the hands down, the tip of the middle finger of the lowered hand indicates the location of the point.
RP4 Gun-sung on the inner surface of the foot, on the anterior-lower edge of the base of the metatarsal I, at the site of the transition of the dorsal surface of the foot to the plantar.
V11 Da-chju at 1.5 tsunya outside of the place under the spinous process of the 1st thoracic vertebra.
E44 Neutin on the rear of the foot, at the end of the gap between the 2nd and 3rd fingers.
E43 Xian-gu in the intercostal fissure between the II and III metatarsal bones, posterior to the metatarsophalangeal joint, 2 tsun above the Neutin point E.44.
E41 Tse-si on the rear of the foot in the center of the transverse fold of the ankle.
VG26 Shui-go (Ren-chung) in the nasolabial furrow, at the border of its upper 1/3 and lower 2/3.
РС137 BA-FEN - 8 points - 4 on the rearthe surface of each foot, by 0.5 and. c. proximal to the metatarsus fold, slightly distal to the metatarsal-phalangeal articulation in the indentation. These points include E 44 NEY-TIN, HC 43 SJS-SI P2 SYN-JIAN