Lumbar edema

SUMMER AND LEGS OF THE LUMBARIAN DEPARTMENT OF THE SPINAL BRAIN - a condition characterized by a temporary impairment of the function of the spinal cord as a result of trauma with a fracture or dislocation of the vertebrae or without them.

Car accidents, sports injuries (jumping into the water), industrial injuries.

When a shock occurs, wave motion of tissues,which causes a reversible disruption of the function of neurons and pathways. After a while, there is swelling, which leads to a violation of microcirculation and venous outflow.

All manifestations are transient and are arrested throughseveral minutes or hours, and arise immediately after the injury. More often there is flaccid paralysis or paresis of the lower extremities with or without sensitivity. As a rule, there are no violations of the function of the pelvic organs.

Neurological examination, X-ray examination of all parts of the spine, elimination of fracture or unstable dislocation.

Conservative (hospitalization, bed rest, analgesics, diuretics).