Swelling of the calves of the legs

Sensations of puffiness in the body of every personcan be caused by different reasons. Often we consider this problem to be traumas, the accumulation of toxins in the body, the lack or excess of fluid in the body. In fact, puffiness can signal serious disorders in the organs and tissues of the human body.

Puffiness of the calves and ankles clearly indicatedisturbed functioning of the kidney and heart. Puffiness does not go unnoticed. At the first sensations of discomfort in calves or ankles, you should consult a doctor, because kidney or heart diseases, as vital organs, require increased attention from health professionals.

As a rule, for the treatment of edema usedherbal teas based on diuretics, for example from dandelion leaves. Lower extremities try to keep a couple of times a day in a raised state in a prone position.

Puffiness of the calves can be reduced with the help ofa special massage that improves blood circulation. For this spawn first lubricate with oil. Massage should be performed in the direction from the ankles to the back of the knee, so your movements will be directed towards the heart.

Puffiness of the calves may be associated withinflammatory processes in the tissues of the legs, which indicates a violation of immune system reactions. In this case, swelling of the calves is accompanied by severe pain. In such cases it is necessary to consult a doctor without delay. Similar sensations can be caused by taking certain medications and then swelling is a side effect of a particular medication.

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