Troxevasin for swelling of the feet

Effectiveness and effectiveness in varicose veins.

Stickiness of the gel, the need for long-term use to achieve at least some visible result.

The problem of edema of the legs rose in front of me afterpregnancy. Now the child will soon be a year, still breastfeeding. I drink a lot, I'm on my feet all day. When I go to bed, my legs begin to pull so that you constantly turn around, without finding a painless place, you can not sleep for a long time. On the calves and thighs, small meshes were raised. Varicose veins. As testing for the past year I tried a lot of money, from expensive foreign ointments and finishing with compresses, which are written in folk remedies. The most effective is Troxevasin. After application to the skin of the feet, the pain is removed almost instantly (10-15 minutes), at night pulling the legs do not bother, and in the morning as Karloson around the house flying. The effectiveness of the drug is achieved only with prolonged use.
I use gel every day, putting on my feet before going to bed, for four months already. The instructions should be used at least twice a day. But even so the smallest wreaths began to disappear, but is this not the result?
Speaking of shortcomings, it is worth noting that tubes withgel is enough for a week maximum, i.e. for a month, 4 tubes are needed, so the cost of the cost increases from 150 to 600 rubles. (Not so cheap it goes). The composition is sticky, unpleasant, leaves a little noticeable spots on the bed, if you go to bed immediately after use.

Overall Impression. Good for swelling and pain in the legs