What you need to do with swelling of the feet

The cause of swelling of the legs can be tight shoes, heat,large amount of drunk liquid. And not only; unfortunately, sometimes swollen tibia is a disturbing signal (unless the night before you danced all night long in tight shoes on a hairpin or drank a certain amount of beer for a dispute with friends).

If the doctors did not find the pathology

With frequent swelling of the legs for no apparent reasonself-medicate is impossible. If the doctor determines that there is no reason to worry, and swollen ankles or feet are a consequence of a lifestyle, you can turn to folk medicine for help.

Very good with swelling baths and compresses of herbal dues. The most effective recipes:
1. Mint bath for swollen feet: pour 200 g of mint leaves with a liter of boiling water, let it brew in a warm place for 15-20 minutes. Add 3-4 drops of propolis tincture. Hold your feet in the mint-propolis bath for about twenty minutes. Relief comes almost instantly.
2. Compression for the ankles: fresh leaves of plantain scroll on a meat grinder with salt (a teaspoon per 0.5 liter jar of ground meal). It perfectly removes pain, swelling, and a feeling of heaviness.
3. Birch leaves pour boiling water (so that they were slightly covered with water). Hold for a while. Then, with a birch water, moisten a terry towel, put the steamed leaves on it and wrap the feet for thirty minutes. This procedure gives an excellent result, if you repeat it 5-6 times.

But what to do if you are too lazy to fiddle with compresses or once? You can drink a decoction of flaxseed:
Two tablespoons of seed pour 0.5 liters of water andboil on low heat for 10-15 minutes, then stand for half an hour in a warm place. They drink unboiled broth, half a cup four times a day.

How to instantly remove leg swelling

We must go to the reception, the restaurant, on a date (yesyou never know where to be in excellent form!), and the legs swell and do not fit in smart boats. In this situation, there is an absolutely reliable one hundred percent means: a pack of vinegar. Do this: 6% vinegar is mixed in equal parts with water and moistened with this solution towel. It is necessary to lie down, wrap the legs with an acetic compress and put them just above the level of the head. After 20 minutes rinse your feet with cold water, lie down for another five minutes, after which you can put on your boats.

Swelling of the legs caused by pathology

Pathological swelling of the legs in young people canbe caused by vascular disease. For mature and advanced age, swollen ankles signal a sharp heart failure. To be engaged in a selftreatment in this case it is inadmissible, it is necessary to spend inspection and to fulfill appointment of the doctor.

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