Wounds on legs with edema

Hello!my aunt is 72 years old, she has a sick heart, 3-4 hospitals have changed, it seems to me that her heart has improved, but a new problem has arisen, very strong swelling, no fluid, no skin on her legs, a big, very terrible wound, burn. and through this wound fluid flows, legs it is forced to keep in the basin. The ananie began to ache to do anesthesia. The hospital does not accept it. What is this and how to deal with it we do not know. Aunt very sorry. help someone. Tell me what to do.

Hello. I'm not 18 years old.tell me please what to do .. huge swelling all over the body. the abdomen is of the same size as during the ninth month of pregnancy, the legs are also large in size especially at the very bottom, it's just not possible to walk, in two places on the body the wounds from which the liquid comes out with droplets .. only the hands were left normal .. from the hospital they were discharged home in such a condition, said to eat protein foods, drink less fluids and have been prescribed to drink furosemide, but he does not help me. even take 12 tablets prednisalone per day. help. WHAT TO DO? WITH EVERY DAY WEIGHT INCREASES

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