The swollen eyes of the newborn

st_petrik, 06/22/2011 09:30 AM

The daughter was born in 30 weeks - 1645 gr. put retinopathy 1 tbsp. weeks at 36 regressed. Now she is 10 months old. One glazik mows a little - here I do not know, or neurologic. either hereditary (in the pope also). In the card they wrote recommendations - examination once a year. And now something was excited. Wait for a year or now it's better to show to an ophthalmologist? I'm very much afraid that there will be a drop in the eyes of otpropin .. there was a terrible reaction - the pupils did not come back to normal one week, one more than the other. 5 days the temperature did not rise, the daughter slept, was sluggish. I'm afraid that was poisoning them. And is it possible to examine without atropine?

go before, atropine is always a similar reaction, except it has other options, but all children under 3 years of age are expanding badly

After atropine, the eyes have swelled in the newborn | Ophthalmologist consultations - answers and consultations

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