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Causes of foot swelling during pregnancy

With a condition like edema of the legs, there is a significant proportion of pregnant women. But the reasons that cause swelling are different.

  1. Most often, women are faced with swelling,which are caused by excess fluid intake. The fact is that the need for liquid during pregnancy increases, and changes in the hormonal background cause thirst in the future mother. This "normal" edema and they appear in the second half of the term.
  2. Sometimes, because of the strong pressure of the uterus on the vessels, a woman faces varicose veins on her legs. The veins are overflowing, and the legs swell.
  3. Pregnant women have increased the burden on the kidneys. They are not always with the removal of excess fluid from the body, and this, in turn, leads to edema, as well as the appearance of bags under the eyes. All this is usually accompanied by impaired urination.
  4. If there are violations in the work of the cardiovascular system, it also leads to excessive puffiness.
  5. If a woman, in addition to edema, is suffering from prolonged diarrhea, then attention should be paid to the health of the intestines.
  6. Disturbances in the thyroid gland may cause swelling of the legs, as well as the tongue and shoulder girdle. In addition, there are possible problems such as increased drowsiness, constipation.
  7. Probably every woman heard about such a formidable condition as gestosis. Edema is one of its signs.

Important! Gestosis is a dangerous condition that is very important at the time of recognition. With gestosis, not only the visible parts of the body swell, but also internal organs, including the placenta. This condition requires immediate intervention by specialists. That's why edemas are of the most important diagnostic value.

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  • Also swelling can result from wearing uncomfortable shoes, prolonged sitting, the habit of crossing legs, the presence of excess weight.
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    There are many reasons for the appearance of edemas, because it is impossible to conclude at once whether they are in each particular case a variant of the norm or they require a more serious examination.

    Diagnosis of edema in pregnant women

    Since such a state is faced by a large number of expectant mothers, doctors at every reception pay attention to the presence of edema in the pregnant woman, in order to take measures at a time.

    But a woman should know that she can notice in herself to suspect swelling:

    • weight increases by more than 300 grams. in Week;
    • rings are hardly removed from the finger;
    • shoes, which fit perfectly in size before, began to crush.

    The doctor will also pay attention to the weight of the pregnant,because a sharp increase in weight - a sign of edema. To exclude gestosis, the doctor pays attention to the pressure and results of urinalysis. Elevated blood pressure as well as the presence of protein in the urine are symptoms of gestosis.

    Also, the doctor can give a direction for ultrasound and additional tests to diagnose edemas.

    Treatment of edema caused by gestosis, in expectant mothers

    If the future mother is diagnosed with gestosis, then the doctor immediately prescribe her a special therapy, and in more serious cases may need treatment in the hospital.

    Important! If, in the presence of such a diagnosis, the doctor issues a referral for treatment in a hospital setting, then one should not give up! Gestosis can cause eclampsia, which can lead to death of the mother and baby. Therefore, supervision of qualified medical personnel plays a key role for a favorable outcome of pregnancy!

    The doctor will prescribe drugs to reduce blood pressure andseizures, to improve blood circulation. Thanks to this therapy, pregnancy is prolonged until the time when the baby is ready to be born. Most often, women with this diagnosis are recommended to have a cesarean delivery.

    Preventing edema during pregnancy

    There are several methods that will help to avoid swelling or reduce its manifestations.

    In the classes for pregnant women the instructor is obligatoryincludes in the program exercises aimed at preventing edema. It is useful to lie down on the floor in the evening, raise your legs up, rest them in the wall and hold in this position for about 10 minutes. Also, a foot massage will not hurt.

    Correction of nutrition is the basis for the prevention of edema. Future moms should remember the following recommendations:

    • it is necessary to reduce the amount of salt added to food;
    • Do not eat foods that increase thirst (marinated, smoked, fried, hot, too sweet);
    • it is best to eat boiled, steamed or steamed dishes;
    • it is useful to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

    3. Compliance with the drinking regime:

    • give up sweet and carbonated drinks, try to drink less tea;
    • It is useful to consume fresh juices, milk, water with a slice of lemon;
    • sometimes you can satisfy your thirst with a slice of apple, cucumber, tomato;
    • you can limit the use of liquid in the evening.

    The doctor can prescribe to take vitamins, which will help strengthen the blood vessels.

    5. The use of diuretics.

    Sometimes doctors prescribe diuretics orherbal preparations. You can take them only after consulting with a gynecologist! Such funds are prescribed only with the expressed puffiness for a limited period.

    • wear special stockings or tights;
    • at the time of sleep you need to put a pillow under your feet;
    • wear shoes without a heel;
    • avoid hot places;
    • help the foot bath with cold water.

    In any case, with the appearance of puffiness is betterall you need to see a doctor. Not always edema is a sign of pathology, and there will be a small correction of your lifestyle. But in some cases it is better to be safe to avoid complications and safely endure and give birth to a baby.

    Important! If swelling is manifested in the first half of pregnancy, then this is an occasion for immediate consultation with specialists.

    Edemas of pregnant women, what to do? Video

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    Swelling of the hands during pregnancy

    Often during pregnancy, hands become swollenand fingers. This is an excessive amount of fluid in areas such as wrists and fingers. When the mass of the liquid becomes large, it covers the nerves that are naturally formed in the hands, which deprives them of sensitivity, and the future mother feels a strong discomfort from it.

    When it's time for the third semester - doctorsDo not advise wearing on the hands of the rings. Many swelling occurs in the second trimester - then decorations are removed earlier. If you do not remove them in time - they will scream into the skin. And when there comes a stage of constant puffiness, they can not be removed.

    The appearance of this kind of swelling occurs for certain reasons:

    Changing the hormonal background. When the time comes for pregnancy, the male hormone progesterone begins to develop in the body of the future mother, due to which there are heavy changes. In addition to an unreasonable change of mood, water begins to linger in the body in large quantities.

    The body becomes open to infection. Edema is often a natural response to some viral diseases.

    Often this is an allergic reaction to food or household chemicals; Bad quality.

    Incorrect living conditions, overwork. During a state of pregnancy, even an absolutely healthy organism begins to suffer from changes, including deterioration of the skin, and the usual state of fatigue causes a poor skin condition and swelling.

    It is not always possible to independently understand,why there was swelling in pregnancy. It is necessary to promptly hand over laboratory tests, constant monitoring by a doctor, and then it will be possible to minimize the harm of such a phenomenon to a minimum.

    How dangerous is the swelling of the hands during pregnancy?

    The swelling of the hands and fingers is a standard condition for the period of gestation.

    The constant feeling that something in his fingers tingles.

    Swelling of the legs during pregnancy. How to deal with them.

    Usually, swelling of the hands occurs with certainconditions - for example, in women engaged in knitting or modeling. In addition, the symptom is manifested in working at the computer, when the same actions are constantly performed. So, they include working with knitting needles, pressing the keyboard. In addition to these manifestations, many begin to suffer from the so-called "tunnel syndrome." This is a constant pain in the wrists.

    These troubles are easy to avoid if donegymnastics and warm-up for the hands. There are cases when the swelling on your hands joins the sacrum, abdomen, back. Then it is recommended to immediately contact a specialist.

    Edema of the face during pregnancy

    The swelling of the face during pregnancy is a phenomenon that is caused by certain causes:

    In blood cells, less salt and protein remains than in other tissues, and the blood becomes dehydrated, as water exits it.

    When the last weeks of pregnancy come, the uterus literally compresses the veins and the system of lymphatic vessels coming from the legs.

    To understand why there was edema - you need to learn to understand the stages of a phenomenon such as pregnancy.

    In the first, the areas of the feet and shins swell.

    When the second swelling captures the lower extremities, the near to them part of the abdomen and the lumbosacral region.

    At the third - hands swell, there is a feeling of puffiness of the face.

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    The fourth stage is the general edema.

    By external signs, the swollen face is easily different: it begins to appear round, and when you press your fingers at the pressure point, a hole remains. When these symptoms are established, it is necessary to consult a doctor and then take steps to prevent serious complications. Most often recommend a diet and a drug course.

    Swelling of the face during pregnancy is associated withcertain mechanisms. First of all, here there is a link with the change in water-salt metabolism. Because of a violation in the outflow of lymph and blood through the veins of the hand, the face and legs swell. This should not be left without attention.

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    How to distinguish the swelling of the face?

    Swelling of the face is not difficult to distinguish visually. He has unpleasant roundness. In addition, we have already mentioned such a method as pressing. Do not press hard - even if it's just fingers, then when bruising can remain bruises, and the condition will worsen.

    A woman, convinced of the presence of such a symptomatology, seeks to see a doctor sooner. He can more accurately establish why such a state has come. Accordingly, further establishment of treatment follows.

    This condition is quite common, andbecause of this, even a number of signs have appeared. So, there is a belief that one can not touch a person - if you do this often, the child will be born with birthmarks on his face. We can say that the connection with reality here is quite shaky. If you touch your hands to the face - the pores of the skin become dirty, and taking into account changes in the body, contamination can get to the fetus and cause similar consequences. Such cases are rare, and as a rule, frequent contact is harmful to the mother.

    Swelling in pregnancy - what to do?

    Each reception is accompanied by an examination of the pregnant womanwomen. Especially this applies to the face and legs, as this allows us to reveal pastoznost. Constantly it is necessary to carry out such procedures as weighing. This is the optimal way to detect excessive weight gain. Edemas during pregnancy are certain phenomena associated with an increase in the mass of a person. On the legs, they may be weakly expressed. If they are not expressed at all - it signals about hidden, internal, edema.

    Before each examination, a gynecologist needsdo a urine test. With the help of its results, kidney function is established and "normal" edema is differentiated. They should not be confused with such a phenomenon as gestosis or kidney problems.

    The causes of edema can be establishedcomplicated. The gynecologist will need the result of an additional examination (ultrasound of the kidneys, a blood test). The patient should be considered diuresis (for this, the volume of fluid consumed and the weight of the allocated urine are determined). If the mass of urine is not enough, then it makes sense to start therapy.

    If there were swelling in pregnancy - you needtake a number of actions. Many try to reduce the amount of fluid consumed. Now doctors do not advise to resort to such a method. But the danger that an insufficient amount of drinking carries is too great for the health of the mother and the fetus. And if the cut was sharp - the so-called reverse effect begins. The body begins to make water reserves for the future. We advise as before to drink at the rate. It is at least one and a half liters of clean water, without taking into account the use of soups and fruits.

    The best way is to drink clean water. You can add lemon. And from such a drink, like coffee, will have to be abandoned.

    Prevention measures are based on the exclusion of all provoking factors:

    The maximum decrease in the consumption of saltedit is better to start with sauerkraut - it is excluded first. Salted cucumbers, herring, black bread, salted peanuts, olives are then removed. Then cut the food with spices, carbonated drinks, fried, smoked.

    At least once a week, there is a fasting day, when only apples and juices are consumed.

    Contraindicated long-term presence in one pose.

    All these measures are allowed, if there are no contraindications. It is necessary to give time to proper walks, rest in the open air. When it's time for sleep, it's better to put your feet on a certain elevation.

    Swelling on your feet will help ease:

    In the latter case, it will be necessary to pour in dried apricotsboil and leave for the night, and in the morning compote drink for 30-40 minutes before meals. One can cite as an example many other so-called recipes of folk medicine against puffiness. It is dangerous to independently start treatment of such formations with medical preparations, such as diuretics. Such decisions are required to be discussed with the attending physician.

    Above we enumerated physiological edemas. In such cases, there is enough diet for pregnant women, as well as control of fluid intake. In the first situation, refuse harmful food - not only salty, but also fatty, fried, smoked. But it is the salt that causes the liquid to not leave the body. All food needs a little nedosalivat. Statistics says: the norm of salt in pregnancy is 8 g, and in normal condition - 14 g.

    When there is a strong physiologicaledema, you can some time adhere to a salt-free diet. There are cases when diuretics are prescribed, but to this extent they start only after consulting a specialist.

    There are types of edema that can not be treated with a diet. Then they resort to a medical method of treatment with strict medical supervision. Of particular importance is the exclusion of the root cause.

    Despite edema, future mothers practicallyall suffer from dehydration. That is, to exclude water from the menu, there can be no question. In this case, resort to diet. It is quite strict. But it is not an absolute solution to the problem, but little relief is guaranteed. Also, the doctor gives recommendations that must be observed, and conscientiously take a course of drug treatment.

    Traditional medicine - against swelling

    Much attention is paid to the people's recipe. Many believe in phyto-tea, as a panacea. Indeed, doctors often recommend this remedy. But this does not mean that women, having noticed the puffiness of the eyelids, must themselves start treatment.

    First, even specialists can not alwaysTo determine the cause of edema, and on this depends on the prescription of the medicine. Secondly, often in pharmacies and shops sell harmless, but useless funds, and sometimes - and at all fakes. When you decide to start treatment, you should always consult a doctor. Remember: harm can be caused not only to you, but also to the fetus.

    Among the common recipes - infusionbear ears, and also the leaves of bearberry. Popular means such as kidney tea or field horsetail. Accept funds for 1 / 3-1 / 4 cups not more often 3-4 times a day. The course prescribes the doctor. But in the standard version its duration is 3-4 weeks.

    Many believe that the help of cowberries will bewholly-owned. Long practice has proved: this berry is full of vitamins, and with it often reduce the harm of edema. But we must take into account that each organism is individual. That is, you still need to consult a doctor. Scientists have determined: cowberry - a means for the tone of the body. Imagine that the already stressed uterus will receive this tone. Such carelessness leads to the threat of interruption.

    Pregnancy is a factor that affectsfurther fetal health. And, of course, taking care of health will affect the condition of a woman after childbirth. This will determine whether it will retain its beauty, whether it will still be healthy and vigorous. Nine months is a long time for which people are cured of diseases. If you do not resort to extremes, do not lead a strict way of life and take care of your condition correctly - you can not only improve your health, but also guarantee this to the future fetus.

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    How to relieve swelling in pregnancy?

    At home, swelling in pregnancyare treated quite successfully. As a rule, hospitalization is resorted to in extreme cases. In the implementation of long-term therapy, the result is guaranteed in most cases, if it is unnoticeable, the hospitalization period begins. In severe cases, this is necessary in order to conduct additional conditions and identify the causes of obvious pathology.

    We want to pay attention to those tips, in which the risk of causing health to yourself and the fetus will be minimal.

    To do this, follow a few simple recommendations:

    In a day, you need to drink 1.5-2 liters of liquid (this amount includes soups, juices, fruits and so on).

    Stop eating salty foods and food, which provokes thirst.

    Refuse carbonated drinks.

    With regular exercise and exercises for pregnant women.

    As often as possible use products stewed, boiled, steamed, cereals, vegetables and fruits.

    If swellings are expressed - often resort to the help of diuretics (only in consultation with the observing doctor).

    The way of life must be sufficiently mobile, active.

    It is not recommended to stay long in stuffiness and heat.

    As necessary, spend cool foot baths.

    Excluding wearing uncomfortable shoes, shoes, boots on a flat sole or - an excessively high heel.

    Wear special decongestants - tights or stockings.

    Arrange for the feet to rest, exclude being in a long standing position or sitting.

    Treatment of pathological edema is usually basedon the elimination of manifestations of the disease that provoked their appearance. Despite the fact that in such a state, women sometimes take ill-considered actions, it is necessary to resort to any measures only after contacting specialists.

    Diet for pregnant women against edema is one of the mostmost common measures. We must admit that opinions vary here. Sometimes there are directly opposite statements. Many years ago, only recommendations were adopted, but now it turned out that they are not entirely true, and they have been finalized.

    First of all, the exclusion of water fromfood ration. Dehydration is a dangerous condition, even for a healthy person, and even more so for a fetus that is in the womb. In addition, because of this, swelling will not be lost. A day should not drink more than 1.5 liters of liquid. Do not forget that it includes soups and fruits, not just water. Often this volume is increased to 3 liters - here much depends on the characteristics of the pregnant woman. There is also some average indicator - in these cases they indicate that you need to use 1-1.2 liters. Observation at the doctor and delivery of analyzes will help to find out, what indicator is actual in your case.

    You can not give up water. This measure sometimes does not relieve swelling, but only aggravates the symptoms. We have already written about this feature.

    Much more effective advice on diet. He gives the result more often, becauseis a correct measure. Diet is not a rejection of the products needed by the body, but certain recommendations. We also talked about them above. Recall that the detainment of the liquid contributes not only salt, but also protein. Most often it is recommended to switch to milk-and-vegetable food. We will clarify that it is necessary to find out which vitamins will help in a particular case, otherwise the diet will cause harm. An extreme measure of the fight against edema is hospitalization, but it is resorted to only in particularly severe cases.