Swollen hands and feet

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Many of us, faced with negativereviews of doctors, do not rush to go to the hospital. Moreover, if they are worried, it would seem, nonsense - there are some swelling, which, most likely, are caused by excess water, and therefore will pass by themselves. It is only necessary, following the logic, to reduce fluid intake. However, dehydration of the body will entail new problems. And only good doctors can recognize the true causes of edema, which can be far from harmless.

General or local edema is a consequenceinternal diseases of the body. One of them - a violation of the lymph system. Local edema is easily recognized by the fact that it is confined to a separate area on the body or organ. The causes of its occurrence - allergic reactions, venous or lymphatic insufficiency, a local tumor and others.

General swelling usually appears on the lower leg orfeet, then spreads to the waist, hips and abdomen, can rise even to the neck and face. After there comes a total swelling of the subcutaneous tissue. General swelling is usually noticeable after the body accumulates three or more liters of fluid. As a rule, the cause of this is kidney problems, which as a result of some violations detain salt and water. After studying online reviews. you will easily find good doctors who will conduct clinical studies of local edema and promptly identify the cause before further spread of the problem.

Often, from swelling, pregnant women suffer. In this case, unpleasant symptoms disappear after the birth of the child. Also interfere with the normal passage of fluid bad habits: abuse of salty or sweet dishes, alcohol, excessive use of liquid before bedtime, use of oral contraceptives. Swelling of the face can and as a result of overheating in the sun, which causes an increased secretion of toxins. As a consequence, the kidneys are overloaded.

Edema can occur as a consequence of excessweight, the development of cellulite, in some women - in the premenstrual period. Sedentary life can also be the cause of this disease. Cope with such problems - by itself. It is enough only to adhere to a diet, a healthy lifestyle and use protective means against the harmful effects of sunlight. Active life, both for residents of large cities and suburbs (for example for fitness enthusiasts chertanovo) guarantee the absence of dystonia and the right muscle tone.

However, often edema is a consequence of seriousheart disease or other organs. It is enough to look through the internet reviews of people about such problems to understand that the loss of time for self-medication can lead to sad consequences. You should not prescribe diuretics to yourself, which only aggravate the situation. Reviews about doctors help you find good professionals and cope with the disaster.