The most effective remedy for leg swelling

The colors of life dim, and pleasant things ceaseplease, when a person is faced with a hemorrhoid problem. Of course, the correct solution for a delicate problem is a visit to a proctologist. But not all follow this path. Some are rushing to the pharmacy, others are turning to the Internet for help. The pursued goal is the same - to find the most effective remedy for hemorrhoids and its symptoms. Treatment of ailment can be long, so you should be patient and armed with possible methods of solving the problem.

Medicines for hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are treated differently. Conservative therapy in the form of the use of medicines is widely used in the initial forms of the disease. Medicines for topical use are available in the form of ointments, gels and suppositories. Treatment with the latter is advisable to carry out with the internal form of the disease, and ointments and gels are convenient in applying to external hemorrhoids.

Most of the local anti-hemorrhoidal drugs consist of several components, due to which they have a complex effect, namely:

  • relieve pain and spasms;
  • eliminate swelling and inflammation;
  • narrowing blood vessels and reducing bleeding;
  • strengthen the walls of the intestine and heal wounds.

Combined anti-hemorrhoidal agents with two to three components in the composition are, for example:

Almost all of the listed drugs are produced inform of candles, and in the form of ointments. The patient has the opportunity to choose a suitable and effective remedy, but do it better according to the doctor's recommendations. In general, the convenience and popularity of local antihemorrhoidal remedies is explained by the rapid action due to absorption of active components through the intestinal walls and minimal manifestation of side effects.

In acute manifestations of the disease, except for localtreatment can be prescribed taking tablets to increase the tone of blood vessels, including in the rectum. If the inflammatory process and the manifestation of symptoms are not acute, or the patient decided to take up treatment in a home environment, then folk recipes may come in handy.

Traditional medicine in the fight against hemorrhoids

A lot of ways to treat hemorrhoids came from the people. Many home therapies are attracted by the naturalness and safety of the components used. There are a lot of folk recipes in the form of broths and tinctures used inside. For example, these are:

  • To consume the juice of red mountain ash by 75-100 g three timesper day. It is allowed to sweeten it with sugar or honey. After that, drink chilled water. As a result, not only the stool is normalized, but symptoms are also alleviated with inflammation of the hemorrhoids.
  • There is an effective folk remedy for hemorrhoids onbased yarrow, having a blood-restoring properties. Especially effective is its use in the early stages of the disease. Herb Yarrow with flowers in the amount of 2 tbsp. we insist in a glass of boiling water for 1 hour. Filtered broth to take 1 tbsp. l. three times a day before meals.
  • Another recipe with yarrow. A mixture of plant and honey juice in equal parts to use 0.5 tbsp. three times a day. This remedy is well combined with drug therapy.

As for local folk methods of treatment, then there are such options:

  • to remove the pain at the external nodes will help attached to the site of inflammation in the gauze raw beet, grated,
  • For introduction into the rectum, homemade candles made of ordinary potatoes with wound healing properties are used;
  • Candles made by freezing ordinary water in special molds are used as an anesthetic for anesthesia.

Complex treatment of hemorrhoids

To defeat an unpleasant disease, often one particular event is not enough. It is necessary to follow a number of rules and recommendations. Here are some simple tips to listen to:

- Make adjustments in lifestyle

If there is an opportunity, give up such aharmful to you sedentary work. Continuing to work in the office chair, perform at least a small charge at least once an hour. More move, include in your daily schedule walking through fresh air. Regularly drink the daily amount of fluid. Get rid of bad habits. Keep track of your general well-being. Deterioration of the condition and the growth of symptoms is an occasion to seek medical help.

- watch your food

To minimize the risk ofthe development of hemorrhoids, it is also important to eat properly. Increase the number of foods containing vegetable fiber in the diet, it is indispensable for the proper functioning of the intestine. You just need fruits and vegetables, whole grains and products. Do not forget about the useful properties of fermented milk products.

The condition of the hemorrhoids is negativethe excessive use of coffee, spicy and fatty foods, carbonated drinks and even beer. Limit the use of products that have a fixing effect.

Moderate physical activity always goes tobenefit the body. This applies to all patients. Let's say, prefer an elevator up the stairs independently, and after leaving the shuttle bus earlier one stop to the house, walk on foot. In addition, special exercises will help to strengthen the muscles of the anus, to normalize the work of the intestine and get rid of problems with irregular stools. There are different physical exercises. Here, for example, one of them:

  • Sitting in a bathroom with cool or warm water that covers the stomach, you should raise your feet above the water and stay a little in this position. Repeat the exercise.

Definitely to name the most effective means inthe fight against hemorrhoids is impossible. Each case is individual and may differ from a number of similar situations. For someone, hemorrhoidal suppositories turned out to be salvation, and only surgical intervention can help someone. It is evident only that in the chronic form of the disease, constant control over the way of life and the state of the organism is needed. The disease is fraught with complications such as bleeding and thrombosis. The best remedy for the disease is its prevention. Well, if you did not keep track of, you should be treated as soon as possible.