Detralex from leg swelling

Effective medicine, helped with edema.

high price

Detralex was in my first aid kitappointment of a doctor and not from a good life. Unfortunately, most of the ladies will understand me. All of us from time to time, and some and constantly suffer from swelling of the legs. Pregnancy, menstruation and love of high heels aggravate the problem. I somehow did not try to fight before. I was patient that from time to time in the evenings my legs were noticeably swollen. I thought, it is necessary to reduce the load.

It's good that I was recommended Detrolex. He helped me. I drank it a month, twice a day on a pill (500 mg.) And swelling as it never happened. Since then, a month has passed and there are no swellings yet. It is clear that for a month everything in my body could not be corrected, but now, at least, in case of deterioration, it will just be necessary to resume Detralex's reception. No side effects, allergies I have not occurred.

According to the instructions, Detralex is a venotonic and angioprotective agent. It lowers the extensibility of veins and venous congestion and reduces capillary permeability and increases resistance.
The drug itself is patented in France by the Servier Laboratory. Produced in Russia by an affiliated company LLC "Serdiks." Tablets are normal, oval in shape, so that it is easier to swallow.
1 tablet contains 450 mg of diosmine and 50 mgflavonoids. I do not know what it is, but it really helped me. The drawback of this drug is its high cost. About 600 rubles for 30 tablets. But, maybe I just did not buy medicine for a long time, I lost it from their value.

Overall Impression. Relieved from swelling of the feet