What is the medicine for leg swelling?

Edema in the legs often indicate poor performance of the heart.

Recently I got rid of them with the help of the drug"Spironolactone". It is a diuretic for heart problems. It acts very gently and does not require potassium preparations (potassium-sparing). Sudden "accidents" will not, because, I repeat, it acts very moderately.

But after a two-week course of edema disappeared, and overall well-being improved. I do not know how much is enough. Two months have passed.

There is such a weed grass - scum or Starry average (Latin Stellária média). Here it is from edema on the legs and with varicose veins helps. When I was still a little girl and went to kindergarten, one of the teachers every summer asked me to pick lice. She made compresses from them and helped her. Her legs are very swollen. My mum helps the decoction of the woodlily.

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