Anti-leg swelling gel

Probably. each of you at least once in your life encountered swelling and heaviness in your legs.

That reason can be:

  • high heels.
  • tight or uncomfortable shoes.
  • long walking.
  • plentiful drink in extreme heat.
  • physical exercise.
  • varicose veins.

The swelling of the legs causes severe inconvenience. Primary shoes become small, at night it can be difficult to fall asleep due to significant symptoms, all this spoils the mood.

I do not suffer from excess weight or varicose veins, but in summer I suffer from swelling of the legs.

Today, my feedback is for all who encounter this problem regularly and what can help in the fight against it.

I'll tell you my opinion about a foot gel with a cooling effect.

Brings instant relief to tired legs.Natural active ingredients give a pleasant feeling of coolness, eliminate painful sensations in the legs, promote the removal of puffiness. Regular application of the gel will give feet easy and comfortable.

The gel was packed in a box.

extract of red algae. extract of red grapes, sea water Noirmoutier, menthol.

Cosmetics GUAM is made in Italy, so you can see only stickers on the box in Russian.