My left grandmother's left leg

Question: "Hello!I have a problem three years ago swollen the lower part of my left leg, the edema does not go away, at the end of the day it increases, there is no pain, my right leg is normal. My grandmother and mom also had it, as it was recently revealed, but later, at mom's 45, at the grandmother in 55 years, they were not surveyed. Approximately from 25 years I had capillary nets on legs or foots and probably propensity to varicose veins, after sorts in 1993 and 2000 To doctors I address in an extreme case, I am afraid. Help advice, please! "

The answer is: "Hello. speech is most likely about chronic venous insufficiency. you need to do a Doppler study of the vessels of the lower limbs, after which you can decide on the method of treatment. how to prevent the wearing of compression linen "

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