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Hello. At the moment I am 35 weeks pregnant. I have varicose veins of both legs and perineum. There are results of ultrasound of the veins of the lower extremities. According to the results of gynecological uzi varices on.

Answer: You can sign up and get advice. As a rule, obstetrician-gynecologists decide about the method of delivery, according to the totality of pathology in the pregnant woman.

you must apply for a referral to the clinic in order to go to the Center for treatment of an elderly person and how much it will cost approximately the treatment of both legs (trophic ulcers 4 pcs and running).

Answer: No, do not, just sign up for a consultation. The cost of treatment for your case will be announced after consultation.

In December 2015, acute thrombosis was diagnosed(flotation) popliteal vein left n / k, thrombosis glnoven left shin. was hospitalized in a hospital where conservative treatment (10 days) was carried out-droppers, injections, pills. During.

Answer: 1. Yes, he could. 2. Knitwear, anticoagulants. 3. Medical gymnastics, normalization of body weight.

Good afternoon. I have varicose veins. It is necessary to exclude from the bloodstream of the main trunk of BVP + varicose dilated inflows on the knee + vascular visits. I'm from Komi. Can you get it.

Answer: Send a photo of your feet on [email protected] with a note in which branch you will be treated.

Hello, dear employees of the center! You are worried about the patient from Stary Oskol, Artem K. I am 21 years old, I have had a secondary lymedema of 2 nts left n / c for the last 5 years after my lymph boreilliosis (bite.

Answer: In any case, the primary consultation of the lymphologist, full-time.