Left foot left during pregnancy

Certain discomfort brings women strongswelling of the left and right legs during pregnancy. The swelling that occurs immediately in the first months of pregnancy indicates the diseases of the internal organs (mainly the kidneys), the cardiovascular system.

What causes swelling in pregnancy?

Factors provoking the onset of edema:

  • Excessive pressure of the uterus on the veins in the pelvic region, violates the outflow of blood from the foot.
  • Favorite food for pregnant women is salted canned cucumbers. Their number must be strictly controlled.
  • Changes in the body of a woman during pregnancy are closer to the term of labor. The appearance of protein in the urine - an urgent reason to see a doctor.
  • Hormonal rearrangements affect the vessels, they lose their elasticity and delay more fluid.
  • Violations of the venous leg system, veins, thrombophlebitis.
  • Improper eating, abuse of heavy food can lead to a breakdown in salt metabolism in the body.
  • Violation of the regime of water consumption: or a surplus that can not be quickly excreted by the kidneys, or a defect, which causes the body to save the liquid and store it in the tissues in reserve.
  • Strong excess weight during pregnancy.

A small swelling is a fairly physiological process: the body weight increases rapidly and the internal organs do not have time to restructure, some irregularities in the circulation of fluids in the body occur.

They quickly pass without additional treatment, it is enough to lie down with your feet up and control the water consumption.

Ways to reduce leg swelling during pregnancy

In the absence of chronic diseases should follow the rules:

  1. Control the length of walks.
  2. Do not wear tight clothes.
  3. Monitor the amount of water you drink.
  4. Reduce the salinity of food.
  5. To drink vegetable diuretics.
  6. Preventively take Kanefron, Hofitol.
  7. Take decoction of dogrose, cranberry leaf.
  8. Refuse high heels.
  9. To go for a swim, Pilates.
  10. Regularly take tests.