The leg is swollen after a burn

yan onis Expert (366), closed 1 month ago

I smeared my leg for several days with iodine, and nowI was burned, blisters appeared, my leg became swollen, I went to the sediment, even passed on to the other leg. I went to the hospital, they prescribed ointment and pills, but I do not observe any particular changes in their behavior. Was at the dermatologist, to what else to the doctor, with such reason it is possible to enter the name? Who knows whether the long-term healing process for this Burn and Sourpe?

Olya Komarova Master (1507) 4 months ago

yan onis Expert (366) 4 months ago

Is it ointment or pills? And from what this medicine?

Olya Komarova Master (1507) cream from any healing burns

Vladimir Vyazemsky Sage (17427) 4 months ago

Well, you do not fool the foot with smelling of iodine

yan onis Expert (366) 4 months ago

Yes, I'm worse than a dummy))), but, who knew? I generally considered iodine as a bactricidal agent.

Vladimir Vyazemsky Sage (17427) can do an iodine grid for example for something

Elena Enlightened (41512) 4 months ago

The reaction to iodine has gone, since there was a rash. And the doctor did not talk about allergy pills?

yan onis Expert (366) 4 months ago

He prescribed Lorotodin and Akriderm, but I have not seen much improvement from him.

Elena Enlightened (41512) Go to another doctor. Now these medicines, so do half the fakes.

yan onis Expert (366) 4 months ago

I do not want to dermatovenereologist, maybe to the therapist?

Elena Enlightened (41512) Well, ask the therapist.

yan onis Expert (366) 4 months ago