The leg is swollen and itch

Hello, my mother is constantly having problems withskin, now the foot is swollen and itchy, with a strong varicose. One times a year lies in the hospital, cleans the blood on the apparatus, according to the professor's advice, is treated with leeches and various ointments, but almost nothing helps, only cleaning the blood improves the situation for a short while, maybe they are parasites that are destroyed after cleansing, but not all and then multiply again-how to test this theory. And are there any alternative ways of treating neurodermatitis and eczema? Thank you.

When insect bites are usually effectiveantihistamine in topical application, such as Fenistil-gel. But ointments or creams with glucocorticosteroids are much more effective, for example Fluorocort. Also significantly reduce the itching and edema of antihistamine with antiserotonin action for ingestion, such as Fenkarol or Dimebon, but the best is Peritol (Cyproheptadine). Although moderate anti-viral and anti-edema, almost all antihistamines have high doses. And razmeyetsya, for more liquid, better than alkaline mineral water. With edema and inflammation, it can somewhat weaken the symptoms of NSAIDs inside, best of all Ibuprofen (Nurofen) 600 mg 3 times a day, or at least aspirin 500 mg 3-4 times a day. It is desirable to combine these medicines with Ascorutinum (Ascorbicum plus rutinum) on 2 tab. 3 times a day. Locally, in addition to ointments with GCS, gels with anti-inflammatory drugs are well suited - Indovazin gel or Fastum-gel. But if symptoms do not begin to subside after 3-4 days, please consult a doctor!