After a stroke, my leg

Quite often after a stroke, especially in the firstweeks, there is swelling of paralyzed limbs. To the main cause of puffiness is insufficient activity in the leg, which leads to a violation of the circulation of venous blood and lymph. At the same time, another reason - deep vein thrombosis - should be excluded as probable.

Thrombosis is necessary if limbbecomes hot, edematous, and when you feel pain - with a difficult contact about her will be signaled facial expressions. If you suspect deep vein thrombosis, you should seek medical advice.

To the appearance of edema on the legs can alsolead to a violation of protein metabolism and heart failure. In this case, it is also necessary to consult a doctor who should give advice on treatment.

But if swelling arises because ofimmobility, it is necessary for the patient to engage in physical therapy, encourage him to active movements, or, if there is no activity at all, to engage in passive gymnastics and properly lay the limb. Also, elastic stockings should be used, but with caution - in some patients this only increases swelling.