The ankles of the left leg

She crouched with an ankle left leg.

22 years old height 181 weight 102

Hello. A week ago, I had an ankle on my left leg. The matter is that now I treat a cyst and a synovitis in the right knee joint. The ankle was injured about a year ago, a strong sprain, could not walk, there was a strong swelling, BUT without a fracture.

Edema appeared literally overnight, I thought thatit's because of the orthopedic knee in which I go (so swollen a year ago, when I wore it after puncturing fluid from the knee). But having removed it or him here a week the hypostasis does not pass or take place. There is a slight pain when walking in one place (marked with an arrow). I smoke 2 years, there are no problems in varicose veins and other venereal diseases and was not. Just note that I use protein and creatine, which detain fluid in the body, but why then swells one leg, and not both.

Neither the face nor anything else swells and does not hurt.

If it's important I do rugby, I run a lot, but because of the cyst and synovitis I have not been engaged in 3 weeks. I have been in the same shale for the third year already.

A doctor who deals with my knee (orthopedic trauma) said that the swelling is not strong, and most likely I twisted my leg and did not notice. But I can say for sure that I did not tuck it up.

Movement due to injury has become much less this 3 weeks. Almost all the time either at home or in the gym.