Drove my foot after a bruise

How to remove puffiness after fracture, bruise, impact by folk remedies</ h1>

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Treatment of edema by the recipes of the newspaper "Herald of HSE".

Puffiness after a fracture whether a bruise occurs almostinevitably. Stagnant processes caused by edemas in the tissues inhibit the processes of tissue regeneration. Most often, puffiness after a fracture with time passes independently without treatment. But if swellings are strong and do not last long, you need to take action. For the treatment of puffiness, the doctor prescribes ointments that improve blood supply and lymph flow, as well as physiotherapy and gymnastics to develop a broken limb. All this helps to reduce puffiness. Removing the edema after a fracture or stroke helps and folk remedies, for example, compresses from clay, magnetotherapy. Help and folk remedies listed in the article "Treatment of edema"

Below are examples of treatment of edema just after fractures and strokes.

How to remove the swelling after a fracture.

Edema after fracture and stretching - treatment with salt dressings
The man twisted his leg and got stretched. At the site of the injury, severe swelling formed in the evening, the leg was swollen, blushed greatly, it was impossible to step on foot due to severe pain. He could not apply for medical help, because he was abroad. I remembered about the bandages. All evening and all night I applied salt bandages (with 10% solution of salt) to the edema, changing them as they dry up. In the morning I could walk around the apartment, and in the evening I could walk freely around the apartment.
This remedy - salt bandage advisedmany familiar in such situations. There was a case of a severe fracture of the foot. The tumor at the site of the fracture did not pass for a long time, and the doctors could not proceed to further treatment of the foot until the swelling was gone. The use of a salt bandage helped to quickly bring the leg in order.
To prepare a solution for a salt dressingIt is necessary to dissolve 100 g of salt in 1 liter of water. Dampen in it a soft waffle towel (fold in 3-4 layers) or gauze (in 8-10 layers). Apply to a sore spot, fasten with a dry cloth, polyethylene can not be used.
Salt bandages effectively treat inflammation, swelling of the tissues. (HLS 2011, No. 13, page 23)

To remove puffiness after a fracture was helped by honey
The man broke his thigh. I smeared with various ointments, edema and pain did not pass for a long time. In the "HELL" I read about the medicinal properties of honey. I started to do such procedures: I dissolved 1 teaspoon of honey in 1/2 cup of warm water, this sweet vodka rubbed my leg 3 times a day. Has felt improvements: redness and puffiness have passed, burning sensation in a leg has disappeared. (HLS 2008, №20 p. 30).

Edema of the foot after fracture - treatment with birch leaves
Sew the pouch according to the size of the foot, fill itbirch leaves, put a foot in this bag and cover with leaves so that their layer was 2-3 cm. In this birch compress, the foot sweats heavily. After 3 hours, the leaves need to be replaced with fresh ones. The woman had a complicated fracture of her leg, only this folk remedy helped to remove severe swelling and pain from fracture. (HOOO 2008 No.9 page 15)

How to remove the swelling after a stroke, bruise.

With a bruised tissue, swelling almost always occurs,which increases in the first hours after injury. To reduce the consequences of injury and swelling, immediately attach a cold object (ice, frozen semi-finished product from the freezer) to the site of the injury. Edema and bruises after the stroke will help reduce the pharmacy: ointment troxevasin, lyoton gel, ointment with a sponge.

Help remove puffiness after a stroke and folk remedies.

Edema after a blow onion treatment
Remove the swelling after the impact will help onions. If you hit, the tissues begin to swell, then the affected area lubricate 3-4 times the affected area with onion juice. Or make a night compress with onion gruel. Helps at once. (HLS 2009 No. 19, page 32).
Onion is a good diuretic, so when consumed in food in sufficient quantities it is possible to get rid of swelling. (The newspaper "Herald of HLS" in 2009, No. 4, pp. 32-33).

Treatment of puffiness with soap
To avoid bruising and swelling after falling orblow, you must moisten a linen cloth in cold water and spread it with copious soap. Then squeeze and thickly sprinkle with salt. Shake it off, fold it in half and tighten it in a painful place. On top of the captivity and dry tissue - there is no swelling and bruising. (HLS 2013 No. 5, page 33)

All methods can have contraindications. Before using folk recipes, consult a doctor!