After a leg injury, the leg swells

Alexander Kubetkin Pupil (130), closed 5 years ago

The tumor has grown a little overnight, it does not hurt to attack, but if you touch the pain like with a bruise. Can you please help what can it be, how to treat it, can I get treatment at home?

Pain with a shank injury

Shin injuries are relatively common. Among the injuries of the soft tissues of the lower leg, closed injuries occupy the largest place: bruises, complete or partial muscle rupture (the result of a sharp jump or impact on the stressed muscle).

The following injuries of the shin are possible: small muscle tear; stress fracture of one of the tibia; tearing or inflammation of the membrane covering the surface of the bone; the syndrome of internal compression is a condition in which the muscles from training become too large for the space that they can occupy. This can limit the blood circulation in the muscles. Such injuries can result in the following conditions: overload (for example, running without rest); running on an unusual surface; changing the running mode; playing sports after a period of inactivity; weight gain.

Treatment of most closed soft tissue injuriestissues of the lower leg is conservative, so the need for compulsory medical attention is determined by the amount of injury. In case of minor trauma, it is necessary to stop the painful activities and apply an ice pack as soon as possible to help reduce the pain and swelling. It should provide peace, elevated position of the foot. In the early days, apply cold compresses to the site of the injury in order to contain the edema.

If the pain is severe, interferes with walking and walking on the stairs, consultation of a surgeon or traumatologist is needed.

Usually prescribed aspirin, ibuprofen or paracetamol (Tylenol) to relieve pain, inflammation and edema; Apply ice to the damaged area - within 2-4 days before the edema subsides.

In the future, with trauma to the thigh or lower leg, heat treatment is recommended (it increases blood circulation, expanding small blood vessels at the site of injury).

With extensive damage to soft tissues, the shins are immobilized for up to two weeks, then they are prescribed restorative curative gymnastics and massage.