Leg after an injury swells what to do

Victoria Vergal Student (196), closed 7 years ago

Alenka Pupil (155) 7 years ago

The very first-URGENT to go to the injuries point! Be sure to take a picture. Maybe - you have a fracture. If doctors do not offer to take a picture, then insist on this. In the picture it will already be seen - fracture is, a crack or just a bruise of soft tissues!
And to relieve pain and swelling - you can docompresses from his own urine (urine). And less load on the leg. That is, walk as little as possible, only as necessary. (and less to stand). Sit and lie with a raised limb. (to put under it cushions, etc.)
The first rule of compress: this is so that each layer is wider than the previous one by 1 cm.
First, a cloth soaked inurine, on it - cellophane or parchment paper (you can use an ordinary cellophane bag). then a layer of cotton wool or a warm scarf (something warming). then it's all bandaged with elastic bandage or simple (for lack of elastic bandage) Just look, so as not to squish the soft tissues.
This compress is much more effective than ice! And no smell (all covered with cellophane).
But all the same, go to the emergency department. And then, it happens that people with fractures go, the bones do not grow together correctly, the cartilaginous tissue starts to grow on the site of the fracture, which leads to constant pains. And discover this man can only after a few years. And then nothing can be done.
I wish a speedy recovery!

Katarina Krasavchikova Master (1247) 7 years ago

Inna Gavrilova Pupil (247) 7 years ago

It will pass, but it takes time, just after the impact there was formed a liquid and it takes time for the fluid to dissolve.

Iguana Guru (4194) 7 years ago

the first day of cold, then warm salt compresses (warm salt water, moisten gauze, apply kushibu, cover with a film, wrap with a warm kerchief). Do more often and swelling will quickly come down.

Zabriskie point The Thinker (5410) 7 years ago

Indeed, two days of cold, then thermal procedures. Rub Lyoton Gel, very well swelling and bruising removes.

Dasha the Peace (Dora) Master (1504) 7 years ago

Fastum gel removes the edema.