Apparatus orzarova swollen leg

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Zdrastvujte. My mother is 57 years old, she has an open fracture of the left leg below the knee (the car has driven). They did the operation, they installed Ilizarov's apparatus. I was hospitalized for 2 weeks, the day before yesterday I was discharged. Now it has a yellow liquid, which does not seem to be like it. Or is there nothing terrible there? Help please, if you know how to get rid of it. In general, she was not advised to prescribe, but she has problems with the intestines - in short, enemas need to be done, and they are paid there. Now she is at home, I do not know if it's good - the liquid flows, and the leg swells. I would like to find out how well the Ilizarov apparatus fixes the bones and can I try to step on my leg? At mum there are needles in the field of a bone and in the field of a heel. If necessary, I can give a screenshot of the foot or what the doctor wrote

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Your mom needs a full-time examination of a traumatologist. With such types of osteosynthesis, complications such as inflammation of the soft tissues around the spokes and, more rarely, bone tissue, are not uncommon. About the load on the limb - also only after a full assessment of the stability of osteosynthesis and the state of consolidation, the degree of bone callus.