The leg after a stretch

Stretching - easy trauma, which we can fully cure.

Symptoms:stretching characterized by severe pain. The joint swells, possibly creating a significant bruise. When stretching, accompanied by rupture of ligaments, pain, swelling and bruising are formed immediately after the injury. If a rupture of ligaments did not occur, then all this appears the next day.

What's happening? Stretching occurs when the ligament tissueTwo forces act simultaneously in mutually opposite directions. Trauma occurs as a result of an awkward movement that goes beyond the usual for this joint. Sometimes the stretching is accompanied by a partial, and in the most severe cases, a complete rupture of the ligaments, then at the moment of trauma a crunch is heard.

What to do? First of all, immediately after getting the injury, it is necessary to inspect the damaged area very carefully to make sure there is no fracture, a crack in the bone or a dislocation.

If at the slightest attempt to move the damagedthe extremity causes severe pain, and the bones in the joint area are displaced inwards or outwards by more than a centimeter, it is quite possible that a fracture or dislocation of the joint occurred at this site, and urgent medical attention of the trauma doctor is necessary for the final diagnosis and further assistance.

With less serious consequences of injury, there isthe possibility of independent treatment or, at least, relief of suffering, although healing of ligaments and complete restoration of movements in the joint is a long process.

Immediately after the injury should be attached tothe affected area cold to relieve inflammation and reduce pain. To do this, any capacity with ice, a bottle, cellophane bag or hot water bottle with cold water, just a rag soaked in cold water, will do. Then you need to bandage the damaged joint with an elastic bandage, fix it and limit the mobility, and do not remove the bandage for 2-3 days. All this time, it is impossible to tolerate any loads on the injured limb. If after 3 days you remove the bandage and find that the pain has not yet passed, apply the bandage for a few more days. You can complete the bandaging with warming compresses from onion gruel or tie to the diseased joint the cut and mashed leaves of aloe or washed in cold water and mashed cabbage leaves.

After the pain has passed, it is necessary to limit the load on the injured limb for another couple of weeks.

If the pain and swelling do not pass even a week after getting the injury, you need to see a trauma doctor.

Attention! As a rule, children do not have sprains. At an amplitude of movements in the joint exceeding the permissible limits, a bone fracture occurs.

If your child has stretched an ankle joint,let him lie down half an hour with his foot raised on the pillow. This minimizes internal bleeding and swelling. If the leg swells, you need to see a doctor, because a fracture or fracture of the bone is possible.

When stretching the knee, one always needs to refer toa doctor who will determine the treatment. If you do not heal the damaged cartilage in time, it will affect many years. If the child falls on the wrist and pain persists, when he moves his hand or when it is still, you need to suspect a crack, even if there is neither curvature nor a tumor.

Thus, for any extension thatcontinues to cause pain, should consult a doctor. Not only because of fear of cracks, but also because with most stretches the child feels better with a properly laid tire or bandage. With many stretches and cracks the first hour pain is not felt, but then it becomes stronger.

If there is an elongation in the elbow area, you should remember the PCP rule - rest, cold, protection.

Immobilize your hand and apply a cold compress to your elbow for a minimum of 30 minutes. If by the end of this time the pain has passed, and the tumor has not appeared, the compress can be removed.

To ensure peace of hand for shoulder dislocations orelbow, arrange it for a bandage, and if you have a wrist injury, you will need a langet. This will allow the child to move without harming the injured place.

Cold compress should be applied for half an hour every fifteen minutes. If a tumor appears, continue this procedure for eight hours.

After 24 hours, make a hot compress.

With an injured hand, you can start moving also through

24 hours. The normal state comes in 72 hours, otherwise seek medical help from a doctor.

Complete recovery will occur in 4-6 weeks. During this time, the child should avoid those activities in which repeated injuries of the same place are possible.

The doctor will carefully examine the injured place. If necessary, he will make an X-ray.

If the picture shows a fracture of the bone, the specialist will impose a plaster bandage.

The dislocated elbow of the doctor should be corrected, and then he will give instructions to keep the injured arm on the bandage. Also, if necessary, the doctor will recommend painkillers.

Stretchings and ligament ruptures occur asrule, with sudden movements in the joint, exceeding its physiological volume. Characterized by the appearance of sharp pains, the rapid development of edema in the area of ​​trauma and a significant violation of the function of the joint.

The first help in stretching is the same as with bruises. Hospitalization in the hospital, as a rule, is not required, the patient is sent (transported by car) to the trauma center.

Recipes. Traditional medicine recommends for the treatment of stretching hot milk compresses, hot baths with infusion of eucalyptus and sage, and also rubbing with lavender oil.

Rinse the affected areas with warmed wooden (olive) oil, and then make a compress of pure bran steamed in wine.

Repeat the procedure for 10 -15 days, and the illness will pass.

Helps also rubbing with the consumption of fish oil.

When walking with your foot turned, firstno pain is usually felt, although there was an extension of the lateral ligament in the ankle. Only an hour or two at the ankle foot begins to swell, ache, often a person has a fever, the temperature rises. To the disease is not delayed, it is necessary at once, as soon as the leg has turned up, without waiting for the appearance of a tumor and pains, to lower it for half an hour into very hot water and take aspirin. So you can bring the stretched ligaments to the normal state. But, in order to avoid repeated stretching (which easily happens, if the treatment is not completed), it is necessary to at least a week to do foot massage at the ankle for 15 minutes every day, after which the leg should be bandaged and walk less. In addition, at night put a warming compress of vodka or water in half with alcohol. If the ligaments are not cured, they will remain weak, the leg will be easily tucked, the so-called habitual stretching will result.

Bumps, bruises, abrasions, wounds, which can lead to severe inflammation and the formation of abscesses.

Tips for preventing them:

1. Stir 300 g of alcohol (40 °) and 30 g of camphor, moisten with a solution of cotton, apply to a sore spot for 5-5 days. Change the lotion three times a day so that the wound does not get stung,

2. Rastolkite 5-6 heads of onions, add a spoon of rock salt, apply a slurry on a cloth, apply to a sore spot. Change the compress three times a day. Repeat the procedure for 7-8 days.

3. In summertime, you can make compresses from the crushed raw foliage of elderberry. Change the bandage three times a day. Continue the procedure until complete recovery.

Usually when the ligaments are stretched to the damagedjoint impose a tight bandage. After removing the bandage at night, compresses and lotions using vodka infusions of medicinal herbs can be used to relieve pain and quickly resolve the swelling.

1. Required: 1/2 liter of vodka, 100 g of birch buds, 50 grams of hop cones and althea root.

Cooking method. Mix the herbs, chop and pour with vodka. Insist 4 days, then strain.

Mode of application. Do compresses on damaged areas. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

2. Required: 400 grams of vodka, 100 grams of chamomile flowers, 50 grams of sweet clover, 30 grams of althea root.

Cooking method. Herbs pour vodka. Insist 3 days.

Mode of application. Do lotions every night for 2 weeks.

3. Required: 1/2 liter of vodka, 50 grams of althea root and sweet clover grass, 100 grams of mallow flowers and flax seeds.

Cooking method. Blend the mixture with vodka. Insist 2 days.

Mode of application. Do or make lotions. The course of treatment is 2 weeks.

4. Required: 400 grams of vodka, 100 grams of althea leaves, 50 grams of lime bark and chamomile flowers.

Cooking method. Mixture of herbs pour vodka, insist 3 days.

Mode of application. For compresses and wraps. Repeat the procedure for 3 weeks.

5. Required: 300 grams of vodka, 50 grams of willow bark and linden flowers, 30 grams of anise seeds and leaves of mother-and-stepmother.

Cooking method. Pour the mixture of herbs with vodka. Insist 2 days. Strain.

Mode of application. Diana poultices on a sick joint. Do poultices for 3-4 weeks.

6. Required: 1/2 liter of vodka, 50 grams of leaves of Ledum and St. John's Wort, 2 tbsp. l. juice of aloe.

Cooking method. Leaves of wild rosemary and St. John's wort pour vodka, add the juice of aloe. Insist 4 days.

Mode of application. For compresses and wraps of a sick joint. The course of treatment is 4 weeks.