7 months of pregnancy swelled

Mon, 23/07/2012 - 18:13

Now, I'm 9 months pregnant. It should be noted that unlike other girlfriends who had already been carrying a child, I did not feel as inconvenient as they were. And the last ninth month I had terrible swelling on my legs. It's terribly inconvenient for me to live and move about. Tell me, what is the cause of such edema? I would also like to know how to treat it. Since I was not pregnant, I would take some medicine, so could you offer me some alternative, that is, how to treat edema with folk remedies? Help me please!

Swelling of the legs in the late term is not uncommon. Usually puffiness starts from the 3rd month, but then it is not so noticeable. Swollen legs and swelling due to fluid retention in the body. In general, this does not represent a danger, but in some cases it is a pathology. Puffiness, as a rule, is accompanied by a sharp increase in body weight. To avoid it you need to balance your diet. Many women eat a lot of salt, and this, in turn, delays the withdrawal of water from the body.

Edema during pregnancy suffer manywomen. Legs, literally, become wadded. You need to try and drink less. This helps a lot. I once read a lot about how to remove swelling in pregnancy. It is recommended to eat cabbage, follow a certain diet. In addition, to ease pressure on the feet, you can try the cream. It will slightly reduce puffiness, and relieve pain. In general, this phenomenon will pass as soon as you become a mother. So the only good advice is to just be patient.

All raspberries are in water. No, there is nothing criminal in the water: we are 90% of it. But in the last month of pregnancy a large amount of liquid, code-named water, leads to the formation of edema. And this is the least of all evils. A large liter of liquid will lead to copious amniotic fluid. In general, edema in the last month of pregnancy is not that harmful, but pleasant in them a little. Bloated in a ball the size of an elephant. It is necessary to take diuretics (diuretics).

I also had terrible during pregnancyedema. But the good that I have a very good doctor and he told me a few rules that must be adhered to, so that you do not get worried about swelling in pregnancy 32-33 weeks. The main thing you need to know is that you should limit the intake of fluid. Water should be replaced with cranberry mors. Such a fruit drink perfectly quenches thirst. Just need to eat a lot of cottage cheese, this dairy product removes excess fluid from the body of a pregnant woman, and of course, there is a useful building material for the skeleton of your child - calcium.

When my friend suffered from leg swelling, sheturned to the doctor. How to get rid of swelling during pregnancy, she had no idea. The doctor explained the reason for her swelling. When there is a deficit of fluid in the human body, information flows into the brain, and as soon as a person drinks more liquid than usual, the body instantly makes reserves and because of this there are swelling. If you constantly consume the required amount of water 1.5-2 liters. then there will be no problems with edema, the body will always have enough fluid. I was convinced of this on my own experience.