Lung cancer have swollen feet

Cancer is the most serious disease, it canto hit any human organ. During this disease, there are often symptoms that are completely unrelated to the underlying diagnosis and so many want to know why foot swelling occurs with lung cancer.

Why the legs swell in patients with lung cancer

Edema is the accumulation of fluid in tissues due to impaired water metabolism in the body of a sick person.

Lymph nodes refuse to remove lymph from the diseased organ and from nearby tissues, the liquid descends from the lungs downwards and therefore edema appears on the legs.

Edema in a patient with lung cancer can be on the neck, all this is due to the swelling of the lung, which goes into the swelling of the neck.

The patient experiences the following symptoms:

  • there is a heaviness in the legs. This is present even with invisible edema;
  • red skin on legs. The touch becomes taut and hot;
  • there is a discomfort, weakness and even pain in the legs.

Methods for getting rid of edema

  1. Manual lymphatic drainage. This method of treatment includes a gentle foot massage, which will contribute to the outflow of lymph.
  2. Compression. The method of treatment consists in applying several layers of elastic bandages to the legs, this is performed by a specialist. You can wear specially selected medical tights and stockings on your own.
  3. Healing Exercises. The specialist shows the patient what they needPerform exercises that will restore and increase the range of joint movements and strengthen muscles. During exercises it is recommended to put on the decompression stockings.
  4. Baths with salt. Dissolve sea salt in water with a temperature of35 degrees. Hold for about five to ten minutes in a basin of salt, then soak a towel in this solution and wrap them with calves and leg shanks. Instead of marine, you can use ordinary rock salt.

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