Suddenly, my legs swelled

Everyone at least once in his life noted the swelling of his legs.

The causes of edema are varied. We will group them into several groups.

But for a start: a sudden swelling of the foot. pain in the leg, sharp redness of the skin - a reason for an EMERGENCY treatment of a doctor (you may have an acute thrombosis of the veins, threatening to break the thrombus!).

The most common cause of foot swelling - This is an imbalance of fluid in the body (probably, the 5th circle of beer in the evening was superfluous). Pass by yourself.

The second reason - "a symptom of tired legs". Appear after a long stay in a standing position. Occur due to increased hydrostatic pressure of blood and lymph in the legs. May be the first sign of varicose veins. Pass after rest on their own.

Third reason - Inflammatory diseases of the joints (arthritis ). As a rule, the skin only swells around the inflamed joint, accompanied by pain and redness. Sometimes there is a connection with trauma, a significant physical load. Complex treatment and examination is necessary. More in the section arthritis .

Fourth reason - heart diseases that cause cardiacfailure. Postponed myocardial infarction, myocarditis, heart rhythm disturbances, heart defects - possible causes of edema on your legs. Be sure to go through the examination - ECG, ultrasound of the heart (Echo-KG), and a series of blood tests (of course in the best certified laboratory ). The cardiologist will appoint you a competent treatment, and your legs will be in order.

Fifth reason - kidney disease accompanied by renal diseaseinsufficiency. Glomerulonephritis, pyelonephritis, diabetic nephropathy - can lead to impaired renal function and to edema of the legs. As a rule, they occur simultaneously with edema of the face in the morning. It is necessary to perform tests showing the degree of renal failure - creatinine, GFR (of course in the best certified laboratory ), also make ultrasound of the kidneys. If necessary, you will be referred to a specialist - nephrologist.

The sixth reason - phlebeurysm and venous insufficiency. Read more in the corresponding section.

Seventh reason - Diabetic osteoarthropathy (arthropathy of Charcot) and neuropathy. The defeat of the joints and nerves in diabetes can cause swelling of the legs. Many interesting things in the section diabetic foot .

We indicated the most common causes of edema. Remember, constantly repeated swelling of the legs - the cause will turn to the doctor. Be sure to visit your family doctor or doctor podologa StarLik (Kiev, Donetsk).

If you have more questions, ask them in the section consultations .