Very swollen feet that do

Marina Schneider Pupil (85), closed 2 years ago

Hello, I work as a promoter, I'm 16,10 hours a day. very strongly swollen legs, they are straight as a elephant. Very much hurt what to do? because I still have to stand there like this for a week, please tell me, it hurts me a lot (

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Did massage, smeared with lyaton, all in vain

larysa lymar Oracle (63244) 2 years ago

come home to wash your feet and lie down with your feet upyou can not eat after 18 pm because after work you can cottage cheese with sour cream or oatmeal with prunes or kefir with boiled egg. all the rest to eat during the day during work to go and eat even in the closet closing. then your food will not do such intoxication and your legs can be saved. Still it is necessary to find in a drugstore a cooling balm equestrian he will remove a pressure of legs or foots and puffiness. Your standing is an overload on the kidneys. so do not eat after 18 00 especially fruits and sweets or crisps chips

Ramiz Askerov Enlightened (22848) 2 years ago

I - on the right Enlightened (24495) 2 years ago

Check the heart. It may have a problem

Yana Guru (3283) 2 years ago

diuretic herb in the pharmacy

Katerina Presnyakova Pupil (89) 2 years ago

Put your feet higher - to reduce the load on thevessels and create an outflow of blood and lymph. do a grinding massage - to promote circulation. And rest, until you work - legs more often keep in such a position that the blood flows out.

RounD TwO Thinker (7026) 2 years ago

So, first, you need to do a massage,secondly, apply some ointment! And you need a lot of rest. By the way, long loads without rest, can lead to not normal problems, such as-varicosity and stuff!

Innusik Guru (4963) 2 years ago

as far as I know, promoters work 4 hours a day. Do in the evening at home cooling baths with relaxing salt, apply ointments and legs keep up

Tatiana Cherkasova Thinker (5433) 2 years ago

Lie down at least for 20 minutes and put a roll under your feet and first take a bath