Droplet legs with oncology

Cancer is a real problem of the modern world,Every year this disease occurs more often. There are so many ways to combat this disease, they are all applied based on the stage of the disease. The modern world was seized by a wave of controversy and hope, when the so-called cancer vaccine cervix.

To date, this vaccineregistered in more than ninety-five countries of the world. A vaccine against uterine cancer is a kind of protection against this disease in women and girls who have sex.

According to statistics, vaccination contributes toprevention of 8 cases of a disease out of ten, this is a very high rate to date. The vaccination composition includes a special innovative substance that can provide protection against cancer for seven years.

Vaccination can be used by everyone, except for a group of women who have already been transferred to a serious illness.

Age and other criteria do not play a big role, there are no contraindications to the use of a healthy person for this drug. Women who have a virus in their bodies can also be vaccinated.

How to put vaccine. and what research is needed.

Before vaccination it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination and a gynecologist, this is done in order to exclude oncological disease of the cervix.

The process of vaccination itself is three pricks. The drug that is used in this case is called Cervaris. The time interval from the first to the second injection is one month, and from the second to the third half a year.

Edema of the feet with oncology a fairly common phenomenon. When oncological diseases of peritoneum. liver or ovaries (in women) is possible rapid development of ascites. In common people this disease is called dropsy. Ascites are a collection of fluid in the abdomen.

If you find signs of a disease in yourselfor their relatives and friends need to immediately seek help from specialists. Affected by oncology, the lymph nodes stop functioning properly, that is, they cease to release lymph from the abdominal space, and as a result, the stomach becomes filled with fluid and pressure rises. Ascites can be divided into several types:

1. A small ascites. In the supine position on the back, the abdomen is spread out, as it protrudes in the lateral parts.

2. Expressed ascites. Regardless of the position of the body, the abdomen has the same dome shape. Severe shortness of breath.

Since the stomach is directly related to the lymphaticnodes, ascites can lead to edema not only of the abdominal cavity, but also of the lower extremities. Ascites are very important to treat in the first two weeks, once the disease has made itself felt, as there is a disruption of the lymph nodes, which leads to the malfunctioning of all organs of the abdominal part of the human body. Also, without timely treatment, an inflammatory process may begin. The tumor must be treated with special medications and only under the supervision of qualified specialists.

Ascites are considered to be an unfavorable diagnosis. Since it is necessary to prompt reaction and timely treatment of the disease, to prevent complications.

In the treatment an important role is played by the correctnutrition, it is recommended to abandon the salted food, include in the diet of washed sea kale, which helps to improve digestion, improve the formula of blood, as well as reduce the manifestation of the disease as a whole. In the event that the disease is accompanied by swelling of the legs, sea kale is necessary.