Why the legs swell around

VASHE ZDOROVIE / 06/21/2015

Edema on the feet - a phenomenon that facedalmost every person. It lies in the fact that at the end of the working day, for example, the habitual footwear becomes tight, and the weight is felt in the legs. There are many reasons for this state. Among them there may be a number of diseases, the symptom of which is swelling of the legs, lifestyle, working posture and position of the legs and other factors that cause foot swelling.

In general, women and people in old age suffer from foot swelling. Often complaints of puffiness come from people with excessive body weight.

- Wrong shoes. Wearing shoes at too high or too low a heel, narrow and tight shoes leads to a violation of blood circulation and leads to the accumulation of fluid, which as a result manifests as edema on the legs;

- sitting with crossed legs or longsitting on a soft and uncomfortable seat also answers the question - "Why do the legs swell?" This group of factors also affects the disturbance of normal circulation in the legs;

- a great load on the feet. Such a load can appear in a number of several factors - overweight, work associated with long standing position, work related to weight lifting, pregnancy, etc .;

- the use of a large amount of liquid at night. In this case, the swelling of the legs is manifested primarily in the morning, since excess fluid during the night was not excreted from the body;

- impaired kidney function (kidney failure). In case of kidney diseases, a normal complete elimination of fluid from the body occurs, which causes the edema of the legs;

- diseases associated with metabolic disorders;

- violations of cardiovascular activity;

- diseases associated with impaired intestinal function.

What to do if the legs swell

When there is edema of the legs first, the question becomes not why it happened, but what to do to remove the swelling of the legs. There are several ways to solve this problem:

Exercises to relieve fatigue and swelling of the legs. Among them, the most part is occupied by flexion and extensor movements of the toes or feet.

Relaxing baths. In the water, you can add herbs of herbs or soothing oils, for example, eucalyptus oil.

Today pharmacies sell quite a lot of ointments and creams that relieve the heaviness in the legs and swelling;

It is necessary to optimize the amount of fluid used. If possible, try to use as little liquid as possible after 19 hours;

With symptoms of kidney disease. liver, intestines and other organs leading to edema of the legs, you need to do everything to cure these diseases.

In some cases, diuretics help

It is necessary to reduce body weight, lose weight.

As prevention of edema of the legs, it is necessary toduring the day to do rest for feet, massage. You can buy special stockings or tights. It is necessary to normalize the water-drinking regime. The amount of water used should be about 2 liters per day. You also need to review your diet. It is necessary to reduce the number of salts, coffee and alcohol used.

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