From socks swollen feet

8/27/12 8:47 AM (reply for: reb9tenok29)

Well me too sent on uzi veins (the duplex on mine is called) the Result was excellent.
But lymphodema is an incurable disease. Accumulates fluid in the tissues, legs swell. When you touch the skin, dents remain. Well, in general horror. I buy 2 times a year tablets on 1000, I drink. But the legs swell all the same. If the surgeon made a diagnosis in time, and did not say that all this is nonsense, then it would be possible at a more early date to stop everything (((

7/26/2012 12:42 (reply for: reb9tenok29)

Thanks for the answer. I went. They sent me to the uzi, like they did not find any varicose, right. slightly reduced tone, and passed tests for prothrombin-in the norm. in general, I calmed down. still do not know what it is?
but what kind of illness is it? Can you describe in a few words? and how dangerous is it?

At me too most, the author. I went to the surgeon (the dummy got caught, pipets, but this is a separate story), he sent to the angio-surgeon. He diagnosed "lymphodemia of the left foot." For a year this sore was transformed into a lymphodema of both feet of the 2nd degree.
And I live with this nonsense. not treated.
So do not run! Go to the surgeon.