Swollen hands and feet at night

With the onset of hot weather, many peoplebegin to swell up your fingers. This entails an unpleasant sensation, discomfort, and in some cases also pain. Having learned the possible causes of edema, you can avoid them.

Why fingers can swell

The causes of swelling of the fingers can be local andcommon. If you swell your fingers only on one hand, most likely the reason is a local one. This can occur due to infection, allergic reactions, or enlarged lymph nodes in the armpits.

If the fingers on both hands swell, the reason is likely to be of a general nature. Such edema can be as follows:

• Renal edema. With kidney swelling, fingers swell in the morning, even if you did not eat salty foods in the evening. In this case, swelling on the face can also be observed. This happens in the event that there is an infection in the kidneys that does not allow them to fully work.

• Cardiac edema. For this reason, swelling first appear on the legs, and then only on the fingers. At the same time, dyspnoea, discomfort behind the sternum and increased pressure are also observed.

• Edema during pregnancy. If fingers swell during pregnancy, this may indicate pre-eclampsia. In this case, you should immediately contact your doctor.

• Myxedema - edema on the fingers that result from an insufficient function of the thyroid gland. In addition, there are also increased fatigue, drowsiness, lethargy, hair loss and dry skin.

• If the fingers not only swell, but also hurt, then the cause of this are problems with the joints.

• The fingers can also become swollen if the water metabolism is disturbed in the body and the liquid is poorly discharged due to this. In this case, swelling reminds of yourself more often only in hot weather.

Why fingers swell at night

At night, fingers can swell, if before going to beddrink a lot of fluids. As the water metabolism in the body slows down during the night, most of the water drunk before going to sleep goes into the tissues and because of this, swelling arises.

Why fingers sweat around after sleeping

In the morning after sleep, fingers can become swollen due toheart pathologies, kidney diseases, exacerbation of cervical osteochondrosis, or uncomfortable posture during sleep, when the vessels of the extremities are pinched and because of this, the complete circulation of blood is disturbed in them.

Also, after sleep, fingers can become swollen due tothe fact that they simply fall from the bed down during sleep. If you often experience swelling of your fingers after sleep, you should examine the internal organs for pathology. If there is no pathology, then the cause of edema is the wrong rhythm of life and excess salt in the diet.

How to remove the swelling of the fingers

To determine the exact cause,seek medical help from a doctor. After it is determined that the fingers are swollen, the doctor will be able to prescribe the appropriate treatment, especially if the puffiness causes some disease of the body.

Remove the swelling of the fingers can be as follows:

• Remove wristlets, watches, or other objects from your wrist that can break blood flow by squeezing the veins.

• Stretch out swollen fingers - move them topumping excess fluid back into the heart. You can stretch your fingers by flexing and unbending your fingers, working on the keyboard and any other movements.

• Raise your hands and fingers - this will facilitate the outflow of accumulated blood back.

• Massage the fingers of the hands - the movements should be stiff and strong, towards the heart.

• Reduce salt intake. Salt promotes the retention of additional fluid in the body, which can be the cause of swollen fingers. If food without salt seems completely tasteless, instead of salt you can use spices.

• With allergic edema, take an antiallergic drug and visit an allergist. Having found out what the allergic reaction was, try not to contact the allergen.

• In case of pregnancy, swelling of the fingers can be removed from theusing diuretic herbal dues. To do this, you can steal and insist in boiling water umbrellas dill. This remedy is a good diuretic, harmless and helpful.