Shrinking legs and swelling

Good afternoon! Whether prompt it is possible to be engaged in run and driving by a bicycle at a lymphostasis of the bottom extremities? How to reduce swelling of the legs and bruises? Is it possible to completely cure lymphostasis? What should I do if I have bad legs?

Understand correctly - but the most correct answer to yourthe question will be given by the doctor after the examination and examination. Lymphedema is not a trifling disease, which does not interfere, and it can go by itself. In the treatment of lymphedema, you need to be persistent, adhere to the doctor's recommendations, periodically conduct courses of conservative therapy (bandaging with special bandages - bandaging, wearing compression knitwear, lymphatic drainage massage). There are no other ways. Treatment of lymphedema (this is a chronic disease, and supportive therapy is constantly needed in the form of wearing compression knitwear, it is sometimes necessary to conduct courses of conservative therapy) should be carried out as early as possible, without waiting for the moment when the condition of the feet forces you to see a doctor. Sports with lymphedema is not contraindicated, but it is necessary to engage in compression jersey.

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