Strongly swollen legs in pregnant women

Is there a certain facet of abnormality for edema in thelegs? I check the pressure constantly, it is normal, 100-110 / 70, the tests are normal, I feel good, but the swelling is so frightening that I start to worry. Sometimes they do not go to the morning, I sleep with my feet raised on the pillow. Only the ankles and feet swell, the feet become numb from swellings, walking turns into an execution.

I read all the entries and comments, I understand with my mind that you can not get away from it, and the psyche of a pregnant woman at 9 months is failing.

Berezovskaya E.P. answers

About edemas there is an article in this heading: Unpleasant pregnancy symptoms. Is there a line in inflating a balloon? In theory, you can inflate a long time, until it overgrew and does not burst. A pregnant woman does not overgrow and will not burst, too, so the degree of her puffiness depends on many factors. But the essence is this: with the baby everything is all right, the woman's blood pressure is normal and there are no other complaints - this is the norm. You have "petty" swelling. There are women who have swollen hands and feet. And even a face. I understand that it is unpleasant. But taking diuretics and fighting with swelling is strictly contraindicated.

The danger is the sharp appearance of edema,especially against the background of increased pressure. And then, "wet" preeclampsia has a much better outcome than "dry", i.e. without edema. So, not everything is as scary as it seems.