Swelling of the legs of a sign of pregnancy

It's no secret that during pregnancyoften there is a situation where various parts of the body swell. The most common problem is when the legs swell during pregnancy.

During the course of pregnancy the body of a womanaccumulates a certain amount of water - an average of seven liters. The liquid has the property of being unevenly distributed throughout the body. As a rule, most of the fluid accumulates outside the tissues, as well as in the placenta and the body of the growing fetus.

Physiological and pathological swelling in pregnancy

Physiological edema is explained by the propensityorganism to retain in itself an excessive amount of liquid and sodium. Typically, they occur immediately after a strong fatigue or if you eat abundantly salted food. Such swelling disappears when the baby is born, and does not pose a threat to the life and health of the child.

Pathological edema is the first signthe fact that in the body of a woman there is a certain problem that prevents the full flow of pregnancy. Significant increase in weight, high blood pressure. poor analyzes pose a risk to the health of the mother and child.

Swelling is mainly due to leakagein the body of certain physiological processes, which is generally normal. However, in some cases, swelling may occur due to the presence of toxicosis or disruption of the excretory system.

To find out the exact cause, it is recommended to consult a gynecologist who will prescribe the appropriate tests.

How to cope with swelling of the feet?

When swelling is recommended to limit excessive fluid intake

Coping with this problem alone is not a sensible solution, because you can harm yourself and the baby's body.

In practice, there are some tips that can help a pregnant woman overcome this ailment:

  1. Diet should only have a healthy and balanced diet, which is rich in carbohydrates and proteins.
  2. Products that contain salt should be consumed in the minimum amount, and with the opportunity can even be completely excluded from the menu of the future mother.
  3. It is necessary to regularly change the position of the body, do not stay for a long time, for example, only in a recumbent or sitting position.
  4. Lead an active lifestyle, walk, perform light exercises.
  5. Limit the use of excessive amounts of liquid. Daily allowance should not exceed 1.5 liters, as this can lead to increased swelling.
  6. In order to relieve the condition and remove the edema fromlimbs, it is recommended to place the legs on an elevated position (for example, on a pillow) and perform massage movements in the legs area to restore blood circulation in this area.
  7. It is recommended to avoid premises in which high temperature conditions prevail. In the summer after a hot day, it will be actual to hold a relaxing foot massage.
  8. Perform certain gymnastic exercises on the recommendation of a doctor.

Following the above tips, you can avoid swelling and ease the course of pregnancy.

The causes of edema and the ways of treatment

To remove puffiness, massage movements should be performed in the legs

The causes of edema can be very different. With good tests and excellent blood pressure, the problem of swelling can be a malfunction in the circulation in the legs. Such edema disappears after a full rest. But if a pregnant woman stops controlling her diet, consuming excess water and salt, the problem may worsen.

Define certain stages of puffiness:

  • The accumulation of fluid is observed in the region of the shin
  • In addition to the tibia, fluid can be found in the area of ​​the foot and abdomen from below
  • Puffiness spreads to the hands
  • Symptoms of edema are found throughout the body.

In addition to the above edemas, there may be hidden forms that do not appear externally, but the woman's body is gaining weight significantly for no apparent reason.

An unpleasant situation during pregnancy can beedema due to gestosis. Gestosis is characterized by the fact that the blood in the body of a woman is extremely dense, therefore blood circulation in all body systems, including the uterus, is disrupted. As a rule, it is impossible to completely get rid of it during pregnancy.

A woman during the bearing is assigned a support dropper to improve the condition. In this case, excess fluid accumulates first in the vicinity of the feet, gradually rising to the face.

If there is swelling all over the body, thenit should be concluded that there is a dropsy in a pregnant woman. Diagnosed high blood pressure and unacceptable protein content in urine requires in-patient treatment. Treatment of such a disease denies the appointment of diuretics in pregnant women. The doctor can prescribe Cyston, Kanefron and other drugs, vitamin C, E, Magne B6.

In order to avoid such a problem in time, it is necessary to visit the doctor regularly and follow all his recommendations.

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