Why swollen hands feet face

Hello, Doctor! I am 51 years old.I have very often swollen face and hands, rarely legs. Hands and face can swell for 10-20 minutes. After taking furosemide 1-2 hours later swelling subsides. What can be caused by sharp swelling? And what exactly is to treat-kidneys or adrenal glands Ultrasound and kidney tests - even in space. To which specialist should I apply? Thank you in advance.

Hello. To start with a neurologist, eliminate problems with intracranial pressure, parasympathicotonia.

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Hello.Tell me, please, whether it is possible to go to the reception to the urologist for the delivery of all possible tests with an untreated cold (a slight runny nose and a tickle in the throat) or is it better to wait for complete recovery? Thank you

Along the whole penis down to the anal an opening from the underside of the penis passes a brightly eroded scar and on the glans of the penis appeared 2 red points, what is this current !?

HelpGood afternoon. Sexual life I do not live, the virgin. Whether it is possible to catch venereal diseases (a syphilis, a clamidiosis and td) through a toilet seat? 23 years old

when long on your feet, all day for example,there are unpleasant sensations in the left part of the groin, it does not hurt in itself, but when I apply pressure and when my left leg turns towards the torso also aches a bit, it is rare enough that such a feeling. When I train, run, pull myself up, push up I lift the weight of any unpleasant sensations in the above described area no. What could be the reason?

Hello!What time do you recommend to take Omnik? Residual urine was found, more than 100 ml. The doctor appointed for the night. I began to wake up at night in the toilet, once. It can be connected with reception of a medicine? It was, often went to the toilet. Thank you.

there was an operation to remove the blocked testicle, it took 4 days but in me still drainage. whether it is possible to masturbate neatly or not.

Hello, I had an operation on varicocele3-4 years ago and then I had a painful left testicle for 18 years and yesterday after training in football I was sick again, I went to a urologist, he did not find out what it could be, today I did not have any training sessions and tomorrow.

I am 70 years old.Several years of trouble with urination (frequent, difficult) Took the prescribed pills, a month ago made uzi and pills changed to combo. The sperm ceased to stand out after the sexual act. Can I continue to drink these pills or need to switch to others?

Hello, I'm 16 years old.Yesterday masturbated, wiped with a napkin. Then he went to bed. Wake up in the morning and redness, thought scratched or allergies. Then I came home washed, now in the evening I have a small reddening on the flesh and under the head, too, redness and partly pimples. I do not feel much pain, but when I touch it aches a bit. What to do zaraknee thanks!

Hello! I had a genital herpes a couple of days ago. SYPTOMS: malaise, blisters on the foreskin (now sores) are inflamed lymph nodes in the groin, headache is not strong and a couple of days painful sensation when urinating. I have been married for 4 years, me and my wife for 27 years. Judging by the symptoms, I like the primary infection? Sex partners, except his wife, do not have anybody. And can this mean that my wife had sex on the side?

Scary morphology! Dilution-30.00 retention-3.00, volume-4.00 color-grayish-white, odor specific, mucus absent, no agglutination, pH-8, concentration 188, total-751, class A-44.7, class B-8.50, class C-36.20, class D- 10.60, classes A + B, classes A + B + C (PR + NP) -89.40, leukocytes-0.0 erythrocytes-0.0 round cells-1.0 Morphology: norm-10.9, pathology-89.1, pathology of the head-71.4, pathology of the neck- 16.2, pathology of the tail-1.5

Hello. To me 11 days ago have performed operation on varikotsele (Ivanisevicha). Sutures removed, I do not wear a bandage anymore. There are almost no pains. Can I have sex (or masturbation)?

SPERMOGRAM.Hello, please, decipher spermogram spouses. Is pregnancy possible with this spermogram? Age: 26 years Abstinence: 3 days Organoleptic properties: Volume: 3.00 Color: white-gray Dilution: 30 minutes Viscosity: moderate pH: 7,6 Slime: moderately Result (mobility): Quantity: 205 Concentration (million / ml) 131,12 Class Quantity Progressive 128 62.4 Non-progressive 67.

Today, there was nothing to be had, had sex and again got enough sleep. On the foreskin, red sores or how to call them. What do you advise?

Hello. I have such a problem.After a long period of sex, my foreskin blushes strongly, the bridles themselves are not clear, or there are tears on the bridle itself, as they are on the very foreskin. I was told that this is a thrush, or a balanoposthitis. In general, said to drink trihapol 7 days and wash yourself more often and all. Everything, I did, the redness of the bvstro slept, Trichopolum drank, everything is fine, it does not hurt, does not burn, etc. But the fact is, after every sexual intercourse.