Headache and swelling of the legs

Why does my head hurt and my eyes swell?

There are many reasons for the headache. Classify the headache with high blood pressure, tension, cluster headaches, migraine. There are cases of headache associated with eye swelling. All patients with voiced symptoms need to know why the head hurts and the eyes swell.

Inflammation of the maxillary sinuses with bacterialinfection. In many cases, it is accompanied by a headache, swelling of the eyes, redness, and pain. The proximity of the sinuses to the eye is the cause of the infection. There is swelling.

Most viral diseases are characterized by eyelid swelling, headache, weakness, high fever. Basically, these are the symptoms of adenovirus infection, affecting children's age.

Actually inflammatory process of the eyes, bacterial, viral nature. Edema of the eyelids, hyperemia, lacrimation - a triad of conjunctivitis symptoms. Characteristic cases of headache.

4. Diseases of the heart, blood vessels.

Bags under the eyes can identify heart failure. The reason lies in the inability to transport blood from the peripheral parts. Arising swelling accompanied by pain in the head.

If the facial contusion is bruised, there is swelling in the eyes. The onset of concussion of the brain with a bruise, accompanied by a headache.