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Pain in the legs below the knees arises in many thatis associated with various causes, including those with health problems, and not just fatigue. Indeed, the legs are constantly stressed and, with a particularly significant strain, can hurt, but do not forget that in some cases it is the periodic discomfort below the knee that symbolizes the development of serious dysfunctions in the body.

What are the possible causes of foot aches?

Some people assume that if I get lazylegs and it is unimportant below the knees, in the hips or in other areas, this is either fatigue or problems solely with the limbs. In fact, the causes of discomfort, even of a temporary nature, can be the occurrence of a number of diseases and even the digestive system. To accurately determine the origin, choose the treatment of the disease or measures to eliminate the symptoms, you should contact a specialist. After the examination, the survey will probably be scheduled and such activities as: mrt, x-ray, as well as other options for accurate diagnosis.

The main diseases that cause pain in the legs

If such a problem is urgent, as my noselegs, it is better not to make assumptions, but to go straight to the doctor and identify the reasons. Do this in a timely manner, then the likelihood of identifying various types of dysfunction in the early stages, pass uncomplicated therapeutic measures and basic treatment. To the list of the most common dysfunctions of the body, provoking more below the knees, you can relate:

  1. Damage to tissues. Fractures, sprains, cracks, displacement of the patella, as well as other tissue injuries, can cause the feet to periodically swell. Especially it is manifested with age, with significant loads, with repeated injuries, meteorological changes and so on. The area below the knees can break at night or closer to the evening;
  2. Obesity. Excess weight is not only a serious burden on the legs, but also the development of concomitant diseases affecting the blood circulation, the state of the vessels. This is reflected in the state of many processes in the body, including the function of the limbs;
  3. Atherosclerosis. The deposits worsen the permeability of blood vessels, which increases the risk of stroke, heart attack and a number of other serious diseases. Symbolize atherosclerosis can be a phenomenon when feet are sore. A person does not always take seriously minor discomfort in the knee area, thinks that if my limbs are lumpy and ointment from the joints helps for a while, then there are no serious problems. In fact, this is an erroneous assumption, as long as symptoms are ignored, proper treatment is not carried out, cholesterol plaques do not disappear, but have an increasing influence on the vessel walls;
  4. Osteoporosis. The disease is characterized by a deficiency of calcium, which leads to deformations of the skeletal tissue. The pain in this case arises acute and can occur only below the knees, but in any areas where a lesion is formed. To exclude osteoporosis or take timely measures, it is necessary to carry out diagnostics. Doing self-medication, doing compresses or taking uncontrolled supplements with calcium is strictly not recommended. Only a specialist can appoint competent treatment;
  5. Endarteritis or deformity of the vessels of the extremities. A disease that requires special medical measures, since the effects of neglected endarteritis are gangrene, amputation. To draw immediately conclusions that my knee is hurting, it means that it is not worth the endarteritis, but to visit a doctor, it is necessary to conduct research;
  6. Different manifestations of arthritis. Virtually any damage to the joints negatively affects the musculoskeletal function. The development of the disease can be indicated by acute pain, including lower knees, swelling and a number of other typical symptoms. Discomfort can be felt, even if you do not make sudden movements, do not burden your legs;
  7. Flat feet. At first glance, the usual change in the shape of the foot can affect the fact that over time, there will be a feeling that the legs are in the shin area, below the knees. Flat feet are common, but some suggest that if I have a non-standard form of the foot, this is not a serious disease, although this deformity of the limbs requires proper treatment;
  8. Infections, inflammatory processes, complications after the transferred disorders in the body.

Above mentioned disorders in the body sometimescan be recognized precisely because at night, after a load or legs suddenly begin to ache completely. It is important to recognize in time what causes provoked. Perhaps in the body just a lack of minerals and you need to revise the diet, start taking a course of vitamin or other special complexes. In other cases, timely diagnosis will help to take measures to eliminate various diseases in the early stages, including life-threatening.

What can be the treatment, when the feet are sore?

If we consider the typical methods of disposalfrom unpleasant sensations below the knees, they can vary depending on the classification of the disease, the course. The reasons for the problem are important, so that the source of the ailments, and not just the symptoms, can be eliminated. In the case of self-treatment, when traditional medicine is used, people usually think that if I manage to get rid of the symptoms, it means that it's also possible to cope with the disease solely with folk remedies. Unfortunately, such assumptions lead to the fact that already patients are treated with neglected stages. treatment is carried out not only by serious therapeutic methods, but sometimes by operational methods.

If we consider recipes from traditional medicine,they can be useful, but in most cases, as prevention, an additional measure when basic medical treatment is conducted. There are many ways to relieve fatigue from the legs, maintain blood circulation, eliminate moderate soreness. All these procedures give results, but they must be carried out with caution.

In the list of actions aimed at getting rid of what feet are nagging, there are sometimes convulsions below the knees, cold feet, can include the following measures:

  1. The main treatment, determined to eliminate the root cause. It is carried out after hardware diagnostics, analyzes. It can be different methods, it all depends on the type of disease, contraindications;
  2. Admission of a course of special drugs that compensate for micronutrient deficiencies, vitamins, as in a number of cases, the years are numb, the legs are numb - this is the deficit of certain compounds;
  3. Massage. Massaging is not only in the problem area, but it can also be recommended for the lumbar region and some other parts of the spine;
  4. Wellness gymnastics, if for it there are no contraindications;
  5. Weight management, if there is a problem of obesity;
  6. Physiotherapy aimed at improving blood circulation, cell regeneration and stimulation of other processes in the body.

Treatment in each case has its own characteristics,orient yourself better on the advice of a doctor. Do not forget and prevention, helping to prevent a variety of diseases that manifest themselves in the form of pain in the legs.

Banal balanced nutrition, attention toincluding proper care, regulation of the load, will already help to maintain health. It is important to listen to your body and even when just knee pain, pay attention to it, turn to a specialist, take timely measures.

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