What does it mean swollen feet

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Foot swelling, unfortunately, is very commonphenomenon. In women, people of mature age and people with excess weight, it is found much more often than in young people and representatives of the stronger sex. The danger of edema is that they are the herald of various, sometimes very serious, diseases. What should you do if you notice that your legs are swelling?

First, do not panic. It is necessary to find the main cause of edema. Find it, consider that half the work is done. After all, knowing the "enemy", it can be eliminated or at least made less dangerous.

First of all, swelling can be caused by excessivethe use of fluid, varicose veins, vascular disease and poor-quality, uncomfortable shoes. In this case, it is necessary to treat the underlying disease and change shoes.

Swelling of the legs is a dangerous symptom, as it carriesa stagnation of lymph, kidney disease, metabolic disorders and malfunctioning of the vascular system. If you notice the first signs of swelling, even the most minor, seek medical advice immediately.
Do not be lazy, go to a specialist, take all the necessary tests and treat a disease that causes swelling.

Try to carefully choose shoes. No need to pursue fashion. It is much better to have healthy legs than to take care of your whole life.

You do not need to drink a lot of liquids, especially at night. Wear special stockings, pantyhose, created especially for people with varicose veins, if you have it.

What should I do if my legs swell?

Our wise great grandmothers swollen legs with the help of traditional medicine. Thanks to "magic broths" of herbs, they removed from the body all the excess fluid and swelling subsided. Especially respected broth
from berries and elderberry bark. This miracle-remedy was used to relieve various edemas, since it was better than others to remove from the body the liquid that was not necessary to it.

Autumn, when watermelons appear, is considered fertile at times, when you can quickly remove swelling. Eat more watermelons - this is a wonderful diuretic.

Massage, daily gymnastics, small workouts - all contribute to increased circulation in the legs and prevents stagnation.

Baths with sea salt, baths with relaxing herbs and massage after them are also great helpers in the fight against edema of the feet.

It should be noted that the people's methods of combatingedema of the feet can not help in the treatment of complex diseases. Be sure to consult a doctor, find out the main reason and only then you can choose the best remedy for edema.

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