Swollen legs swell in the legs

Female 29 years.

Good afternoon! I was already tortured to look for the cause of my ailments. It all began about 1.5 years ago. To me of 29 years, has transferred or carried strong stress, was for a long time in depression, there were problems with health, delicacy, my head was circling, sensation, that I shall faint. Has addressed to the doctor, has made a heap of analyzes, anything serious like did not find, have diagnosed: an osteochondrosis. vegetative-vascular dystonia and vertebral artery syndrome (the blood flow in the vertebral arteries is reduced by 30%, with carotid arteries everything is in order), the doctor said, the artery is most likely narrowed from birth. Chop the mildronate. mexidol, and prescribed tablets: bisogamma (0.5 tablets in the morning 1 time per day), Fezam, adaptol, phenibut. She began to drink medicine, after a few days began to sweat around her legs, thought, because of the pills, she stopped drinking, everything went away. But a week later, legs swelled again, heaviness in the legs appeared, mostly swollen calves heavily, and knees from the inside (it turns out laterally, I do not know how to explain exactly). How to determine what it is? I do not know what to think. And if you go to the doctor, then to what?