The lower limbs of the legs swell

July 29, 2013 6:40 pm

As a rule, in women, swelling in the legsis much more common than in men, and most often this process is facilitated by uncomfortable shoes, high-heeled shoes. So the shoes that transfer infuses, compresses and keeps the foot in an uncharacteristic state is the main reason for the formation of edema in the legs. But there is a second reason for edema of the legs and it is associated with violations of the hormonal cycle of women in the premenstrual period and during it. Then the body accumulates an excessive amount of fluid. Today, a good tool in the fight against swelling of the legs is the products of the corporation Hua Sheng, about the effectiveness and ways of using which we'll talk to Dale in this article, also huashen products are presented with current prices and the entire catalog. Information on biophotons of huashen can be found on the official website of Hua shen.

Why do the lower extremities swell?

People who, in connection with the peculiarities of theirprofessional activities, are constantly on their feet in standing position - this is the first group of risk of edema and leg pain. Also, favorable symptoms for leg edema are long sitting on furniture, chairs and low seating, especially if they are soft, which further contributes to the obstruction to normal blood flow and other important processes. Symptoms of edema of the lower extremities also often occur with a heavy intake of fluid before bed and throughout the day. And as mentioned above, half of the cases of puffiness in the legs of women is caused by incorrectly selected shoes and shoes with high heels. To prevent such consequences, after wearing a hard working day or standing for a long time in a standing position, wear knee pads with biophotons of Huashen A, the formation of excessive fluid in the legs provokes the formation of flat feet, various kinds of disturbances in metabolism, which in turn leads to the formation of excess weight.

Also swelling of the legs may be the causeunstable work of the intestine, most often this process is accompanied by diarrhea. Also, the causes of edema on the legs are symptoms of a decrease in the overall level of hemoglobin or, for example, stagnant processes in the body, fluid stagnation, which is accompanied by the flow of both limbs in equal measure. If only one limb is swollen, then such symptoms are rather signs of local disturbance of all the above causes of swelling of the legs, but sometimes it can also be associated with varicose dilatation.

Causes of edema in the legs

Varicose disease is one of the mostcommon forms of the disease, which is often accompanied by the formation of edema in the legs. Because of the difficulty of the blood flow, stagnation occurs, which subsequently leads to the formation of edema in the legs. Such symptoms often appear in the evening, after a hard working day or a prolonged standing on the legs, excessive strain on the legs. And by the morning, this puffiness can take place due to a long relaxation during sleep. Do not delay the treatment of varicose veins and immediately take complex treatment of this disease and one of the most effective methods is the use of HuaShen products, their most effective products in the treatment of varicose veins are Huashen leggings with biophotons that enhance microcirculation and gradually relieve the periodic the formation of puffiness in the legs, and structured water effectively removes all stagnant slags and toxins from the body.

Heart failure is another serious cause of edema in the legs, which is associated with serious impairments in the normal functioning of the human heart.

Disorders in the thyroid gland, or ratherthe appearance of such a disease as hypothyroidism (insufficient activity of the thyroid gland). With such a disease, the tongue swells, the person suffers from frequent constipation, drowsiness. Also, swelling in the legs can be caused by a low level of protein in the body and irregularities in the normal functioning of the kidneys.