Became swollen and aching legs

I am 50 years old. Last year, I had pain and heaviness in my legs and lower back, swollen lower extremities, unstable periods. I turned to the gynecologist. In June, I was scraped. Pain, heaviness in the legs stopped, and my legs began to swell less. Until now, months have ceased. Now again they began to ache and break their legs, there was swelling. What can it be, and to which specialist should I apply?

Address to the gynecologist-endocrinologist. It is necessary to donate blood to hormones and choose the necessary treatment.

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At me the varices on the right 2 nage but I am afraid of operation what to do or make?

At me a hemorrhagic vasculitis. the doctor prescribed prescription to drink according to the scheme, drank 40 days, smeared with troxevasin and heparin, and also drank diclobet for 1 capsule a day, or what has not changed and three days later I have a waiting list for the operation, so I want to know how dangerous it is to do with such vasculitis surgery or not

Has made operation on excision of a vein. asked the doctor whether I should take a thromboass. he categorically forbade, said that at my age (me 39), do not take it. on arrival from the regional hospital, our local doctor (I needed to visit him after the operation) prescribed to take a thromboassi, I told him about the recommendations of a doctor who operated me. to which the doctor was surprised. Now I don `t know who to trust me with. and whether I should take a thromboass.

I am 65 years old. At me a thrombosis of deep veins of legs or foots + I have a chest angina (a stenocardia). At me from an overload of legs or foots at walking the whole left leg or foot, but after due medical treatment at me the specified puffiness completely has left (slept). What grade is 1 or 2, or another class, if different, what advice would you give me to buy compression stockings or tights? That is, what class of compression linen I should buy for walking long distances to avoid and / or prevent swelling? FROM.

Hello! 25.12.In 2015, I underwent an operation: an extraanatomical subclavian-femoral shunting to the left in connection with the removal of the suppurated aorto-bifemoral shunt. After two months I had a hematoma in the left ileal region. I turned to the vascular surgeon (who did the surgery). I was given a puncture of the hematoma, which showed that it is a lymphatic fluid (there is no pus and no blood either). My condition is normal, there is no fever, no chills. Doctor said.

My husband in October, was promptly treated with aortobifemoral shunting explant (39,25). All the seams were tightened well. But two months later around the stitches went redness. What should I do?

Hello, I have this problem. A week ago, after taking a hot shower, I started to pull and pull the right leg (just on this leg there is a small varicose. The pain was not strong, so I did not pay attention first, but the next day the pain intensified and tingling, lumbago in the field of calves, giving in the heel and a stop. On the third day the symptoms intensified even more.he began to ache in the popliteal fossa and shoot then into the caviar, then into the inner cavity.

Hello! The vessel on the leg burst, two times the surgeon made a puncture, but the bladder in the joint area of ​​the foot appears again in a couple of days. Also on the foot there are always bruises without a reason. What to do and how to treat it?

Hello! Prompt please, legs hurt, after birth has passed or has taken place 2 months, a pain that burning, cutting in calves. in the hips. Periodically it hurts in one place in another place - for example, first from the back of the knee, then in the thigh over the knee, then in the calf muscle from the inside and this changes so throughout the day. There are BPV, there are no nodes. Has handed over analyzes: thrombocytes 314, d-dimer 203, prothrombin time 11.3, fibrinogen 4,4, activity on kviku 97,452, mno 1, thrombin time 16,7.

good afternoon, my father had an operation CABG, took a veinhe does not complain about the leg, chest and heart, but his leg aches with a great deal, the doctors said that he must endure, but it's been 2 months already, he does not sleep at night with wild pain, speaks as if he were shooting, how long she can And what can it be? Walk almost can not

Two months ago I had an operation to remove varicose veins on one leg. To date, all the stitches have healed, except one, which continues to ooze. How do I proceed correctly?

Hello, two weeks ago I was made safenectomy. At the moment the temperature is 37-37.2. and after the removal of sutures redness does not pass. this is normal.

Three days ago I was crushed by a leg with a logapproximate weight per leg 250-300 kg. Fracture in the hospital was not found. The edema was slightly asleep, the skin lost sensitivity in the places of contact with the log, and on top, when I apply pressure to the bone, dents remain, what would you advise? What is the probability of damage to the veins? What are the consequences of this?

Good afternoon! On November 24, 2015, the right leg was operated, the expanded veins along the entire leg were removed: from the groin to the heel. The postoperative period passed without complications. Here already 2 weeks the leg or foot began to swell up an ankle joint. The edema not always leaves for a night. Charge I do, venotoniki finished drinking in early February. What could it be?

Good afternoon! At the moment, my problem is lymph exudes from both limbs of the legs and right in the same place asymmetrically flowing profusely for the third day alarms that there are no pains. I have a problem with my feet since 1996, it started with allergic cutaneous vasculitis, and now doctors have refused me no one wants to heal and even do not put a diagnosis, there were erysipelas of both legs of one leg in 2008, the second leg in 2012, then changed hormonal background and not.