Preparations for swelling of feet

Sergey Goldin - a specialist in Israelaccording to non-standard methods of treatment, the author of the "Gold In Air" health system, which surprisingly simply prevents the emergence of excess weight and obesity, prevents the development of type 2 diabetes, from excess cholesterol in the blood, reduces blood pressure. This time I want to recommend to you its simplest and very effective "remedy" for leg swelling and varicose veins. "Medicine" is one single exercise, which is necessary and sufficient for 3 minutes. One or several times a day. (Goldin's task).

Here is what the author of the methodology, Sergei Goldin, writes about the problem and its solution:

Swelling of the legs occurs when the lymphatic systemand the mechanism of venous outflow of blood is failing. I will not list all the causes of these troubles, they are described in kilometers of pages in books and articles, but I'll try to tell you about the way to reduce the danger of edema of the legs and veins.

The first thing that needs to be done is to help the stagnant fluids go to the lymphatic system. To do this, it is necessary to lie down and raise your legs, laying them on pillows or blankets so that they are just above your head.

The second is to do the same for the muscles of the legs, so that, as a result, the fluids begin to move in the veins and lymph channels in the direction of the heart and lymph nodes.

Third, considering that there are muscles in the walls of the veins,whose task is to move blood from the bottom up, they do not interfere with the tone. Especially after a long night's sleep. How to do it? Massage. To do this, it is not necessary to run after the massage therapist, you can perform the massage yourself. How? Just like in the previous paragraph - cutting the leg muscles. The muscles of the legs will press on all fabrics andlegs . thus performing a massage of all tissues, including blood vessels with muscles in their walls.

That's all! Three in one. Lie down, lift your legs and three minutes to contract the muscles of your legs. Complicated? I do not think so. Exercise this exercise for 3 minutes in the morning, and if desired, also during the day, will be sufficient to dramatically reduce the likelihood of these unpleasant phenomena - varicose veins and swelling of the legs.

And clarification: It is not necessary to use absolutely all the muscles of the legs. It is enough to focus on the contraction of gastrocnemius muscles (gastrocnemius-twins), the rest of the muscles will join (the phenomenon called - tremp).

Here you can get the video author's instructions:

The story of Sergei Goldin in the program on Channel 9Israeli television flew all over the world. From Canada to Australia. Many people called from many countries and reported an unexpectedly quick and effective solution to the problem. Listen to this story:

To summarize, I want to wish everyone healthy and beautiful legs. Do not be too lazy.